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Susan McKenney

Hi Lynn, Love your first entry!

The picture looks like something out of a fairy tale. If I'm allowed to ask-- how much/month was your "top of the castle" apt? (in US dollars)

I'm not much of a cook, but I definitely appreciate good food-- your Raspberry pie sounds scrumptious!!

Looking forward to the next chapter

Arlington, VA

Alice Whitt

Hi Lynn.....I LOVE IT! I was hoping to get that great cheese grits recipe you served at our last brunch together. I'm sending this link to Caroline and my niece Nancy.....and to everyone else I know will appreciate it. Can't wait till the next installment...and now I'm going to buy the ingredients to make a little celabratory toast to your new BLOB! luv alice

Mary Lou Hagey

I have enjoyed the stories, the recipes, and the photos! I am definitely jeolous of your adventure. Read "A Year in Provence" several years ago and wistfully dreamed of doing something similar! How lucky you are to see such a dream come true! By the way--I know and love your mother (have been friends with Marie since Glynn Academy). Can't wait to read more--

Katherine Alissa Harrison-Adcock

I remember those fabulous raspberries, and tasting the jam while it was still hot! S'il vous plait, dit bonjour a Pierre et Nicole pour moi. I love your blog, Lynn, and I'll definitely help spread the word. I look forward to reading more!

Shelley Dobyns

Dear Lynn,

Fabulous, wonderful blog. Congratulations! Your writing is delightful and really compels one to come for a visit. And your photos are stunning also. Fabulous idea and execution of a blog. Haven't seen one I like more. Thanks for sharing your inspiring story and great recipies. BTW, can you get grits here in France? Looking forward to the next entry.

All the best,
Shelley (American) from Villefranche sur Mer


Thank you for your blog! How blessed you are to live in such a wonderful place. I graduated from Clemson in December after spending 6 months in Aix-en-Provence last spring. If I hadn't had a fiance and pending graduation waiting for me in the states- I would still be in France! I've lived in different states- north and south- and felt most at home in Provence. Revenons a nos moutons! I digress. I want to one day go back to France... for good. However, my husband is completely opposed to the idea because he doesn't speak the language. My questions for you is did you or your husband know how to speak French when you arrived? How did you find your chateau? Through friends? The internet? How has it been adjusting if one or both of you weren't bilingual? Thank you again for your stories and recipes! I will continue to live vicariously through your "blob" and spread the word to my fellow francophiles.

Lynn McBride

Hi Whitney, and to other readers who've asked similar questions:
We found the chateau through friends who lived in the area. As to language, I spoke 'college french' when we arrived, my husband spoke almost none. He is not a linquist; he understands it now, but his speaking skills are pretty basic. But he's fearless and jumps right in anyway. Attitude is everything!
In our area there are many ex-pats from all over the world, and one can get by with little French, though you'll miss all sorts of wonderful experiences if you don't try.
Bonne chance, and thanks for joining the conversation!


Dearest Lynn, I find your stories simply enchanting. I can taste the sweetness of your desserts simply by the prepositions in your prose. Perhaps a shot of the "kitchen genius" would be in order.
Keep those photos and stories rolling in on the tides and we Americans will open our harbours to receive their bounty.

Sincerely, Hungry in Hanahan


Bonjour Lynn,
What a great blog! You are living my retirement dream :) What a delicious recipe as well - I made the crust with good ol' Nilla Wafers and added blackberries. Merci beaucoup!
California, USA

Lee Gamble

Have found your Blog and am beginning to read from first to most recent. You and your husband are living what I hope to within the next 5years [my 5 year plan] Are you planning to live year round in France? may I be so bold as to ask what is your Visa status and how you achieved it to live there full-time...Your pictures have me continually sighing...
Am hoping to see more entries from you in the coming months. Love them!

Glenda Tattersall.

Dear Lynn,what a lovely blob! and a lovely idea. I met you at Balleure with my Australian "play group" friends in 2004, and was delighted with Nicole and Pierre and Burgundy. The photos are wonderful and bring your story so much to life. Wish I was there again. Good luck with your terrific plan.


Dear Lynn, I have enjoyed myself immensely reading your blogs and wonderful recipes. I was going to read a few and save some for later, but was so intrigued... I too have a dream to return to France and have an extended stay. I felt so at home, even not knowing the language (or very little) it was not something that would keep me from returning to live there for a few years. Your photos are brilliant; it gives us who live stateside a very good view of your new home and your beautiful surroundings. Having found the Chateau de Balleure, a castle no less and new found family members of Pierre and Nicole you are truly blessed. I look forward to reading the rest of your blogs (future ones too!) and I will be making the Tarte Tatin very soon. It’s a small world, I too lived in Charleston, South Carolina for about six years and I miss the southern people, their gracious hospitality and of course the wonderful food…RaeDi

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