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Tricia Rose

Thank you for taking me there! What fun.
If a pizza purist ever wants to stray, pizza of pesto, onion, spinach, walnuts and parmesan is totally different, and delicious.


It's not necessarily the end result (although in this case, it's pretty darn good) but the journey, which makes this such a memorable experience! No one can do it quite like the French!


Such a wonderful pace of life! I love this little village of yours!!!


I'm going to look for that pizza when I'm in France this summer. Sounds yummy!!!

What a wonderful Saturday tradition! The village sounds charming!

Lynn McBride

Azsalsa,that is so well put! We can learn a lot from the French in this regard. Tricia, I'm off to make that pizza, with all my favorite things. And to thedailybasics, "oui, nous sommes bien tombé"--we fell into a good thing!

Thea Jarvis

Love the communal bread-making! I note that the villagers are sporting jackets and long sleeves while we're doffing our duds in 90 degree St. Simons weather! Our son travels to Paris next week and looks forward to temps in the 70s. Enjoy!

Susan Thomas

I love your descriptions! It almost makes me feel like I'm there (and not in Snellville, GA!)!

johanna spinks

How I enjoyed finding your site...a taste of the good life.

Jeanie Partington

Hi Lynn. I am subscribed to French Word a Day and I read about your "blob." I have subscribed and I am very happy to read about your new french life. I am so pleasantly envious. The Chateau is beautiful and Nicole and Pierre are lovely. I have friends in Paris and Bretagne. I visit them and they visit me. I have dreams of leaving the heat and humidity of Houston and retiring to a small village in france one day. One of my degrees is in History and I love france and the beautiful ancient architecture. And I love the french people, food and language. I am waiting with eager anticipation for any new posts to your blog.

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