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Sounds like a great recipe! I'm going to try it this weekend!

cynthia at the daily basics

This might be my new favorite recipe! How YUMMY does that look!

You do realize that 200 years from now when crookneck squash is a mainstay in the French larder, the story will surface that they were brought over by this savvy Southerner who wanted her squash. You've started a new page in French history - not easy to do!

Frank Levin

I love the silverware in the hash picture. There must be a story behind it. Is there?


Hi Lynn, leave it to my Southern girlfriend to introduce squash to the world ! It is an all time favorite of mine too. I am just totally surprised that you don't grow it yourself. Have you ever made squash patties, yum ! Cook squash until tender, drain any remaining liquid,(tastes wonderful simmered in a little chicken stock) add chopped onion, pimiento, egg, herbs of choice, and just a bit of flour if needed as binder. Fry in patties in a bit of olive or canola oil until lightly browned. Enjoy ! These are delicious ! I always look forward to your posts. Happy gardening and happy cooking my friend !(I have been busy making pear preserves and apple butter)


That recipe sounds divine, thank you so much!

Genie -- Paris and Beyond

Lynn, I love the ingenuity of passing out the seed packets and I am guessing that the one vendor was still in the "gourd mode." Your recipe sounds delish and we will enjoy it this week!

Hummmm.... I wonder how they would do with our Southern grits and toasted grit cakes?

Love your stories and photos!



Hi Lynn,

Devil's advocate here, wondering if -- since I am in a part of France that has not yet received summer squash seeds a la Lynn -- this hash would be alright if I used the ubiquitous courgette? It looks so delicious, I really want to try it! Thanks for adding southern flair to all your French doings!

Patricia Glee Smith

Would you have a few leftover seeds to bring to Italy when you come???

Suzanne Hurst

Lynn,I'm going to try the squash patties sometime. Do you have okra in France? I'm frying some for dinner.

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