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Tricia Rose

I used to have a lemon pasta sauce which was thickened at the last moment with egg yolk - I wonder if that is the missing link?

cynthia at the daily basics

I am on my perpetual diet and I am tempted to go off to explore this avenue of Lemon Pasta. Oh me oh my this looks good and now I want to visit Switzerland!

Dona Drake Cucich

The museum you mentioned. Is the artist's name Jean Tinguely-Niki de St. Phalle or is that just the name of the museum? When I worked in fragrances at Rich's we sold a fragrance line by Niki de St. Phalle and she was an artist who did these huge, rather comical sculptures. She is deceased now but the Atlanta Botanical Garden did a big installation of her works throughout the garden about a year or two ago. It was really neat. Anyway, I was just wondering if that is a relative. ?? I am enjoying your notes.

Anne Daigle

Sounds a bit like my belle-mere. She never told anyone the secret to her smothered okra. Her eldest son spied on her adding vinegar to it--a fact she had never shared with anyone.

Suzanne Hurst

Why don't you try this recipe with cheese tortellini or ravioli? In Louisville, there's a great gourmet shop called Lotsa Pasta, where one can buy homemade ravioli, stuffed with cheese or meat.

Jacqueline Gill

Your recipe sounds amazing, and, being a 100 % Italian who uses all the old family recipes, I will try it and also have my family try it! Once I found a Meyer-Lemon-infused oil. My family could not get enough of it on everything--salad, eggs, was made by Tastefully Simple, and they stopped making it! I went through 4 bottles.... I'll bet that would be useful in this recipe.

Patricia Glee Smith

It's done here, too, but I've never tried it. Now I will. They make great fresh pastry in my village, so that's easy...


I've never made or eaten Lemon past sauce but it sounds delicious! I have a large lemon tree in my back-garden and usually have more lemons than I can use so will definitely try this lovely recipe.
I have never heard of~fond de volaille~ is it a spice?


@ Dianne : Fond de volatile is a base, in the US it's usually available in beef, chicken and vegetable forms. Volaille is poultry, so fond de volatile is poultry base. There are many brands and they have different tastes, so that could be part of the challenge too.
I'm guessing the chef used clarified butter for the sautéing since it doesn't burn so easily as "regular" butter.
Love a good mystery!

beth craig

I would think that you use chicken bullion but in its liquid form, then reduce the whole thing to a nice sauce. I keep chicken bullion in ice cube trays in the freezer to
add to soups when they get a bit thick, like bean soups.

beth craig

I just found this in an old cookbook, but I have not tried it!

Angelhair pasta with lemon sauce

1 lb angelhair pasta
2 tbsp butter
2 tbsp freshly grated lemon rind
1/2 c. dry white wine
3 tbsp heavy cream
pinch of cayenne pepper
1 tbsp lemon juice to taste
freshly grated parmesan
salt & freshly ground pepper

Melt butter and gently cook lemon rind (and a minced shallot?) for 1 minute. Add wine. Allow to bubble, and alcohol to burn off. Add cream and pepper, and cook a minute or two. Drain pasta, add sauce, and add lemon juice to taste with salt, pepper & parmesan.

Kathy Gregory

Dear Lynn

Kathy Gregory here, in Colorado Springs! Love your blog and will have to try the Lemon Pasta as we are longing for our little Italian restaurant run by our Sicilian friend, Tony! We went there every time Monty and Ali visited. His Lemon Pasta with Veal or Pork was the best! Ali and I got it every time!
Thanks for all the very entertaining articles and tips! You are so clever! Miss everyone in Burgandy! Come and see us in Colorado...we are finally moved in...more or less. With love, Kathy

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