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karen dunning

Great market although I would warn people that there are two metro stops that service this area. One lets out in the new-cheap-junk area of this market (or maybe an adjacent one). The first time I visited, I though that I had been misled and almost turned around and left. Fortunately, I persevered and it has become one of my favorite brocante markets!

Margaret Dennis

Thank you for the post. I love the Vanves market. It is usually my first stop when I arrive in Paris. The bargains don't seem to be as good as they were several years ago but always worth a look and I never leave empty handed. The dealers are friendly and usually willing to bargain. I can never resist a coffee and crepe when I am am there.

Linda Hollander


Now I can't wait to go to Vanves! You got me at hand-embrodered linens...I always hope I am blowing my nose into Proust's mother's hankie!

Anyway, you forgot to mention that those first crepes that are not pretty are STILL pretty yummy and, in my house, are reserved for the cook!
Eat 'em up, dah-ling!

PS: there's a wonderful little cookbook called
"Lemons: A Country Garden Cookbook", by Christopehr Idone (Collins, 1993). I like it because it's manageable, not encyclopedic; it's very quirky in its selection, but I can tell you I've made almost everything in there at least once (Nickolashka! YUM!), AND there's a recipe for pasta with Lemon and Asparagus which may provide the sauce you are searching for. Highly recommended to all lemon lovers!


Patricia Flournoy


Frank Levin

We visited this market last June and found it wonderful. We were there in the last hour of trading as vendors were starting to pack up and found negotiations to be quite easy at that time of day. The market is much less intense than Clingancourt and can be taken in in a relaxed maneer that is lots of fun.

Genie -- Paris and Beyond

Your photos are priceless! Love the man and the manequin. I am a regular at St. Ouen but have not been to Vanves. Your post is a very compelling argument to go there on my next trip for brocante and crêpes!

Bon weekend,


Wow! What a great flea market and what great stuff!
The lemon crepes stole my heart,though.
In Geneva they peddled choclate and/or Grand Marnier,
which were good but alittle heavy.
My biggest problem with these lemon delights would not be making a porcelet (better revise that to cochon!) out of myself :)
THANKS for another wonderful post and such yummy receipes!

Debbie Ambrous

I love your photography. I am always so excited when I find a special shot like you did with the man and manequin. I would have talked my husband into sitting next to her if I didn't have a stranger for the shot. Lemon crepes is new idea for me. I always eat them filled with nutella and strawberries. I'm getting hungry thinking about it. I enjoy your column and I'm a southern gal from Alabama, but France has stolen my heart.
Ya'll enjoy it while you can!

Jake Dear

Lynn, I love these photos.

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