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Genie -- Paris and Beyond

Henri is adorable and his recipe (for la sieste) is perfect! The power nap is my secret weapon and it is much easier now that I do not have an office (with a door to lock)!

Thank you for sharing Henri with us -- His salmon sounds pretty tasty too!



This recipe looks good and not too difficult. I look forward to trying it. I think the spelling of your friend's wife's name is probably Andrée, one more e than the masculine. The pronunciation is the same.


"Lemons,A Country Garden Cookbook", by Christopher Idone, suggested in your previous blog, arrived yesterday. Can't wait to check it out!

Barbara Andolsek fine art

Perhaps espresso is in order for Henri, although he looks very comfortable as is. Lemon and salmon, perfection...


The salmon is so yummy sounding and looking! I am definitely making it asap! I am a salmon freak! Thanks Lynn and my husband thanks Henri. He is tickled to know that he has also been practicing this art form for many years!


THANKS,Lynn, for another wonderful post!
You so beautifully introduce us to the friends in your life that we now feel like they are our friends,too!
Especially sharing in some of their great ideas! (Henri's sieste!)( Not to mention his salmon recipe! Yum!)
Bon journee!

Patricia Flournoy

Can't wait to try it...


For us Alliance Française folks,it is nice to see some posts in French as well as in English - hope to see more in French!

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