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maureen winterhager

...let's hope your 3 blokes don't get into any union trouble!! Bless their little cotton socks! Trouble is, when it's closed in France, no one is doing anything much other than cooking/eating/drinking/relaxing - I doubt whether they'd want three strapping lads doing strenuous work around them! Sacré bleu! They'll end up being invited to eat with their customers and defeat the whole purpose of their project.....peut-être!!!


Your three guys certainly know savoir vivre!!
Lynn,I actually remember that Grimes' recipe from "Gourmet".(!)Since then my fondness for leeks has grown ,especially (maybe because of) their availability.
Your suggestion about adding freshly grated parmesan to the bread crumbs gives this heavenly dish some extra je ne sais pas (!) Yum!
THANK YOU (once again!) for another wonderful story!
Bon journee!

Mickey McBride

I like your article..but not your picture of these three handsome men.,.....try another picture with them dressed up.


Brilliant idea!! And I LOVED the casual photo, as it should be. Enjoying themselves. I will be on the lookout next time I'm there. Perhaps my husband can join them! Have camion, will travel.


Lynn I love your three men! Do they, perhaps, take on work outside of the area? Say in Rhode Island? Love the leeks recipe and will put that in my cookbook. Are you having a turkey out of expat habit next week?

Mary Flowers

Ha, ha, I think it's funny that your mother didn't like the picture.

We never vary our Thanksgiving menu, but you have inspired me - maybe we will have a new vegetable this year..

One of the things for which I give thanks this year is your marvelous blog - keep it up!


Why parchment paper and not a lid for the leek gratin?

Lynn McBride

Hmm...good question, Elizabeth. I read an explanation of this recently. And can I remember it? No! I do remember they said it was the old fashioned way to cook them, and the best. It's sort a cross between steaming and sauteeing, a partial cover so they don't get too mushy, that's my guess. I googled this & didn't find the answer, but did find a lot of recipes with leeks cooked that way.

Bernard Duhaime

I added your Creamed Leeks to our Thanksgiving dinner and it was a big hit. Everyone loved it and most asked for the recipe. I'll be sure to give you credit.

teresa ewart

this is a really lovely piece, thanks. very well written - and quite convincing... from the other comments it has the makings of quite a discussion. We'd always thought that once we moved to france we'd be buying our wine and big plastic "10 gallon" vats - and decanting it ourselves into bottles. I'll not feel so ashamed now when our guest are treated to the screw tops!

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