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Lovely quotes and photos, just right for the new year. Merci! Double-check spelling. It's le réveillon , one letter is missing in your key word.

cynthia at the daily basics

Happy New Year my dear Anglo-French friend! I wish happiness, peace, love and prosperity to you and Ron with the added wish that he learns a teeny bit more French so he can do the grocery shopping for you.

Lynn McBride

Thanks Carol, for catching the mistake. Which is complicated, as it turns out. I spelled it like the chocolates, which as it turns out have one less letter!

Mark Kane

This was fun, especially the quotes (though one could question the wisdom of Napoleon). Not to nitpick but I think "pruduence" should be "prudence." (Voir La Fontaine.)

Debbie Ambrous

I'm looking forward to using the recipe. I love the picture of the red amarylis too. My Granny Bryan had a garden filled with amarylis of many colors and people from all over the town would drive by in the Spring just to see her flowers. I'll never see an amarylis without thinking of her. She would have loved the chocolate tarte too.

Debbie Ambrous

While we are on the spelling kick, it seems that amaryllis has two "L's" And, I always won the spelling bee!

Lynn McBride

How lucky I am to have an editor reading my blog! Merci, Mark, and Happy New Year to you and yours.

Barbara Andolsek Paintings

Merci for the splendid recipes Lynn and wishes for a Happy New Year as well.

Lynn McBride

from Frances, a French teacher in Brunswick, GA:
Bonjour, Lynn! Je m'appelle Frances Hardwick Draper, et je suis la prof de français à Brunswick High School. J'ai fait la connaissance de votre mère l'été passé à Café Frederica avec mes parents, Frank et Susan Hardwick. Votre mère m'a donné votre email, mais comme tout le monde, je suis occupée...Alors, quand j'ai vu l'article qu'elle a écrit de vous, votre mari, et le voyage qu'elle a fait récemment chez vous, j'ai du regarder votre website. Comme c'est magnifique!!! J'ai amené ma classe de français à la bibliothèque pour le regarder. Ils s'amusent bien! Chaque élève doit faire un peu de recherche et écrire 7 questions (en utilisant votre website) pour les autres élèves. Après nous allons utiliser les questions pour jouer un jeu. Je vous souhaite un Joyeux Noël et une Bonne Année!


Hello! I'm going to try Nicole's chocolate pie and it calls for 'light cream.' It seems I only have 'heavy cream' and '1/2 & 1/2' to chose from. I'm leaning towards the 'heavy cream.' Or am I not thinking correctly? Should I make a blend of the two?


Lynn McBride

Hi Candy,
I think half and half is about the same as light cream. Bon appetit!

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