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patricia schiavone

Just love your stories...I felt transported there especially now that we are close to Christmas...I miss my native home.Merci.

Mark Kane

A lovely story. Quite touching. Bravo for the hommage to your late friend.

Katy George

about those lovely disappearing corks, i've made a nice bulletin board of them and am now tossing them out in my garden dining area to pave the dirt. they're too pretty to throw away.

Katy Farr

Mutual friend, John Pernell, signed me up to receive your wonderful missives. I have enjoyed each one immensely since being signed on in September! Re what to do with all those saved corks....they make terrific kindling when lighting the fireplace (just be sure not to use the plastic ones!). We've been doing it for years and it's much easier than running through the woods looking for twigs because we ALWAYS have corks!! Thanks for sharing the fun recipes. Where are you in France? I'm in Giverny every October. Perhaps we should meet! A bientot! Katy Farr, Washington, D.C.

Lisa Marini Finerty

Chickens, chicken friends and friends, weaving their way through my day, thanks to you. Thanks for sharing such a wonderful story.

Margaret Dennis

Thank you for the post and the cookbook tip. We will be staying in Burgundy Sept. 2011 and love to cook so this book goes on the Xmas list!

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