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Jacqui McCargar

I think my choice for where to live would be Bonnieux, it is my favorite village in France although I like a lot of other vilaage perche also!

Carol Hjort

Hi Lynn!

Sausalito, CA (across the bay from San Francisco) has always reminded me of a coastal area in France or Italy! The houses are perched on a hill overlooking the bay, which is full of yachts and boats of every size...very similar to the first photo in today's blog! There are no snow covered alps in the distance, however...for that, you have to go to Europe! LOL! Cap Ferrat sounds amazing...are there any hotels in that area, or is it all residental?

Carol Hjort

Mark Kane

We liked a version of Moroccan slumming--a stayover in Essaouira, the summer getaway of folks from overheated Marrakech. A l'epoque (the '70s) Essaouira was a modest fishing village with ramparts at one end of a beach miles long (Jimi Hendrix camped here). We stayed in the fishermen's hotel (cheap, not too clean, fish dinners, wine), ate local yogurt at the tea shop, swam in the pool at the Club Med (the only modern place in town--great bathrobes). I believe that these days Essaouira is a European vacation destination, with a phalanx of modern hotels on the beach. Sic transit gloria mundi.

Sandra Vann

Profite bien Lynn!

Oh, Cap Ferrat and the hotel looks wonderful! I wish we were there as well. Lovely memories. Great you are off season for lower rates, wise and less crowded as you noted bien sur! It is such a beautiful area but yes pricey. The Villa R. is sure the flowers are in bloom already along the coast? I went once in February and so wonderful to see the green grass and flowers coming from CO. Though we are experiencing Spring with snow only in the mtns.
Enjoy...and do keep us all posted. Merci, Sandy

Patricia Glee Smith

It is very like the Italian riviera (la Costa Azzurra)! Your blog brought back many wonderful memories: fresh artichoke salad (yes!), fish soup, pasta al pesto, fresh focaccia for favorite times to be there were early spring, even winter. The vegetation is always lush, the evening air always blue, the colors soft. Thanks for reminding me!

Mark Craft

Poor you and your slumming! This article took me back to when I stayed at Brise Marine, and the lovely view we had form there. You also brought back the memories of the food I ate there. I love the Mediterranean right there, at that spot! Thanks.



Richard and I visited Cap Ferrat in 2007 when we went to Villefrance-sur-Mer to look at the language school that you recommended. What a lovely place. We had lunch at the hotel at the point (La Voile D'Or) and met a young Frenchman working there who knew someone from Charleston -- always a small world. And the Villa Rothschild was a lovely setting for afternoon tea one day. How nice to read your post - wonderful memories....


I love the way you draw our attention to the juxtapositions and detail in one of the most glamorous places on earth.

The coexistence of uber-wealth and working fishing boats is one of my very favorite aspects of Cap Ferrat.

Thanks for the mini-holiday while still at my desk!


I don't remember how I found your blog, but as you can see, I am, as I have time, working my way backwards, one post more glorious than the one before. I was in this area most recently about 2-1/2 years ago, visiting my son when he was studying in France (in Aix), although we didn't make it to lovely Cap Ferrat. We were there in November and it was still lovely - of course we were very lucky with the weather. And oddly enough I recently wrote a movie review of To Catch a Thief, my go-to movie when I need a dose of glamorous fun!

Vail Village Rentals

It is very like the German riviera (la Costa Azzurra)! Your blog cut back many wonderful memories: refreshing artichoke greens (yes!), species of fish soups, rice al pesto, refreshing focaccia for morning preferred times to be there were may, even winter weather. The crops is always luxurious, the night time air always pink, the colours smooth. Thanks for showing me!

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