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Yes, definitely, please enter me. Have been dying to read her new book!


Such a great idea for the bread crumbs! I buy really good whole grain bread with lots of nuts and seeds and cannot bear to throw away the crusts. I keep a pan in my oven (when it's off) and toss them in. They dry out nicely and crush easily, but now I have an idea of better ways to actually USE them!
Would love to have a copy of Blossoming in Provence to curl up with one of these cold winter days in Idaho while I dream of another trip to France.

Trevor Watling

No need for foreign shelves make your own brown sauce.
Crab apples off the tree in the pot and boil until soft then sieve. Fry onions and vinegar with all spice then add dark brown sugar mix it altogether and voila!
Great with a "Full English".


I loooove books about Provence. It's all Peter Mayle's fault! It started with A Year in Provence, and then I read his others, then I moved to Provence...and so yeah, count me in for the Blossoming in Provence giveaway! Will send it back home to Maine and will have fun reading it when I visit : )
Fun topic for this post Lynn, I loved it!

Kristin Shoe

I'd love to win Kristin's book, too! Her blog (and yours!) reminds me of living briefly in France and subsequent wonderful trips.

Mark Kane

I tried to guess before I read further but all my guesses were nowhere close. The Dr. Pepper? As the French say, ca fait rever.

Sandy Maberly

Everything in your picture, aside from the "American" cranberry juice and Dr. Pepper, always makes it into our suitcase when we travel from the U.K. to our home in America. All that's missing are the packet sauces (bread sauce, onion sauce, cottage/shephard pie sauce, etc..) We won't have to worry about it for much longer though. We'll be moving back to the U.K. at the end of March! I suppose we'll then be loading our suitcases with American treats!

Love Kristi's books and blog. She's a fantastic lady.

Sandra Vann

How fun Lynn, your list of American items found locally.
As we prepare for our own adventure my husband will be happy to learn about the availability of peanut butter!
The veggie casserole looks perfect - I always wondered how to make creme fraiche in the States. Merci bien for the tip.
It has been a weekly highlight to read Kristin's blog all these years and her first book. I am so happy to have found your fun blog as a result of reading hers.
Would love to receive a copy of her new delightful book. Her endearing stories lighten the heart and it has been such a joy to share in her experiences.


My earlier post thanking you for bread crumb ideas is gone -- but still would love copy of Blossoming in Provence for curling up on a cold winter day in Idaho...

Katharine Doel

J'adore le blog de Krisin Espinasse et j'aimerai bien avoir son livre "Blossoming in Provence."

Linda Aubry

I enjoy your blog very much and read Kristin's as well. I have bought her first book and am waiting for it to be delivered. I'd love to win a copy of Blossoming as well. My husband and I are thinking of spending 6 months a year in France when he retires in a couple of years. Is there any way to contact people who have commented on your blog? I noticed Barbara Kelley posted a comment and mentioned that she spends 6 months a year in France and I'd love to actually talk to someone who has done it. Any suggestions?

Leslie Budewitz

What about ketchup? (We may be the only Americans without a bottle in our fridge, but it does seem like a classic American food.)

And Lynn, I found your blog through Kristin's, after finding her first book at Border's a few months before our first trip to France! With Border's gone, I have to beg you for a copy!

Betsy Ritzel

I have a copy of Kristin's first book, Words in a French
Life, and would love the second one. Please enter me in
the drawing.
I love your post and give to students in my class, French for Travelers.
Merci mille fois.

Michaela Rodeno

Sign me up for a chance to win Blossoming in Provence - I promise to share it around if I win!

BTW, you finding real maple syrup in the Chinese section of French supermarché made me laugh out loud.

Karen M. Johnson

I enjoy reading your blog and look forward to it every week. I also enjoy Kristin's blog and would love to win her book. Thank you for taking the time to let us in on your life and world in France. It is truly a pleasure.


As a long-time reader/fan of Kristin Espinasse, I would love to have a copy of Blossing in Provence. I found your blog through hers, and I will actually visiting the winery in MAY. I am really excited!Carole

Helen Sturgeon

OOOO... me! I NEED a copy of Kristin's book for our trip in Sept!!! I LOVE her blog, too! Hugs from the Sunny South (USA)!


Kristin's books are a delight and a breath of fresh air (as is her blog!)How fortunate we are to have
her and you,Lynn,to fill our days with smiles!

Mary Deignan

Like so many others, I'd love a copy of Kristin's new book. I've been reading her blog for a number of years and feel as though she is an old so far away!

miriam young

I so enjoy both of your blogs and look forward to the new insights of French life and great recipes.

I'd love to win a copy of Kristin's new book


Of course, I would love to be in the drawing for Kristin's book. I have enjoyed her blog for many years now. Great way to explain gratins - thx. XXX Ali


now there is nothing better than a good ole turnip and bacon casserole. Have you planted okra in your garden?there isn't anything better than fried quail,fried okra and some au gratin potatoes. with a bit of apple cobbler for dessert.

 Jacqueline Gill

Reading your blog and Kristin's is part of my weekly routine.I would treasure a copy of her book.In the meantime, I'll keep dreaming of France...

Kittye Delle Robbins-Herring

Enjoy your blog and would love to visit the chateau where you live un de ces beaux jours! Would also love to read Kristin's book if I am lucky enough to be chosen!


How funny to find Vermont maple syrup in the Chinese aisle! It must cost a fortune over there - it's not inexpensive here in California.

I'd love to win Kirstin's book; I've been reading her blog for years. And, as with many of your readers, I found you through her. Each week I look forward to hearing about your life in Burgundy. It's one area of France I haven't visited...but it's on my list!

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