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I totally love this post

Jane Williamson

Hi Lynn,
One of the best ways to learn, or improve one's french, is to dedicate some time each day. When we knew that we were going to retire to France,I used to sit down after breakfast with my Hugo complete french and work through the exercises. I found the Hugo very user friendly.
I also receive regular e-mails from Laura K Lawless on the About/French language website. This is totally free and you can also test yourself.


I love your blog and all things French, no matter how annoying! Would love to read "Blossoming in Provence".

many thanks

Andrea Robinson

I have been reading Kristin's blog for years and have some of her books. I love to read about France. I travel to France when ever I can about once a year.
I really enjoy your blog. I love the south of france and I love to see and read your recipes. I love your table settings. I have some "jars" brand dinnerward that reminds me of what you show on your table at times. Thanks for keeping me intouch with francy and the belief that dreams can come true! I would love a copy of the new book but whoever winds will surly enjoy!
Andrea Jane Robinson

Mickey McBride

Get outa here....Do you really call Ron a cream puff?

Belinda Stuetelberg

Hello Lynn,
I will certainly print this post off to have these phrases handy as I continue my French studies! How useful! Especially loved "quit your bitchin" ! Thankfully, Mark is still isn't practicing his French, so I won't be hearing that for awhile!
I got my chuckle for the day just thinking of Ron's face at the prospect of the two of you speaking only French for hours! Funny guy!
Miss you both!

Dee Jackson

lovely post Lynn.
Advice given to 'mon marie' by our French ski guide many years ago; always prefix a request with princesse. As you know he took no notice!

Julie Farrar

Your list will come in handy, Lynne. Brad and I are trying to speak more at home in preparation for this summer. I'm the one taking the class; he has a better knowledge of the language. But it always feels like a bucket of cold water in the face to touch down in another country, if you haven't practiced the language, and realize that you don't understand anything anyone is saying. Like that cold water, it takes some acclimation.


Hi Lynn, thank you for these french expressions, I've been trying to learn French for some time now and I just can't, I guess you need to be forced to speak, otherwise it doesn't work, but I will keep trying. I can't wait for your e-book, congratulations!
Have a wonderful weekend!

Rachel M

Just a simple ""merci" for the mention! I really enjoy your musings... my personal favorite "term of endearment" is "ma puce"...

I'd love a shot at the book; am I allowed to enter the drawing? De toute facon, merci beaucoup et allez!


Hi Lynn -- Great tips today - thank you. Most of us here have at least a smidgen of French, but it is textbook. Real world words and expressions are great to hear.
I was a French major in college, even dreamed in French but have lost so much. I'm always trying to refresh b4 a trip. If you are doing a book on methods, you might want to check out something I found this week... -it appears to be a unique approach for online training in that it actually encourages native speakers from various countries to critique and help the students.
As a former language teacher, Nicole may want to explore - they also have paid positions for online mentors. I just signed up for six months to be ready for my trip to France in September.
I would also like to speak to you and to Nicole about that offline as a trip to the chateau would be lovely! Just need some details to determine if it might work out...
A bientot!
p.s. would love a copy of Kristin's book - please enter me in the drawing -- Jacki Liddell

Nancy LoBalbo

Oh Lynne, you gave me a good laugh with this post! Frankly, between husband and wife, I think your list of expressions is just about all one needs to know! LOL.

Herm in Phoenix, AZ

Salut Lynn,

Wow! If you neighborhood looks anything like that photo, it must be very pleasant and no wonder you’re were attracted to the area.

Thanks for useful list of expressions. I have to try some of them out on Sharron, my wife of 49+ years. Also, thanks for the blog mention.

À bientôt

Nancy from Mass

I would love to win her newest book! i read the Words in a French Life a long time ago. Also, anything that will transport me mentally to France is always a good thing!

Maria Cochrane

Here is a podcast I listen to - 3 times a week - 3-4 minutes - in French - a slice of life from a stay at home mom who is darling....
I also listen to a TF1 news podcast (with video) when I'm at the gym.

Ashley Davidson-Fisher

My husband and I can't do the French language thing at home, either. It just feels so unnatural plus I want someone to correct me if I say it wrong and he would know, too! Thanks for the little phrases. The ones I don't already know will sure come in handy :0

Carole Sendmeyer

I love Kristin's blog, and it was actually how I found Southern Fried French. I'd love to have her newest book (have the older ones). We are even going to chez Espinasse in May for a wine tasting. As far as speaking French ensemble, it's problematic when you are at different levels. Mon mari parle comme une vache espanol. I'm a little better than a Spanish cow, but the intervening 45 years since I've had a French class don't help. I watch TV5 for a couple months before a trip to France and my Netflix queue is all French movies for the present. That forces me to listen to French at a native speaker speed and gets my ear in shape. I also review grammar on line (Laura Lawless), and of course, listen to tapes during my commute to work. I loved the marital selections though. A bientot.

Patricia Glee Smith

Great post! My husband and I speak Italian together, and I am going to adopt some of your French expressions. Sounds so much better than:" Tu sei un cretino/una cretina!


Lynn, your blog and comments are always great,but today's(again) just brought a huge smile.
Ah,yes, like you, been there,done that.
"You're right" "You're wrong"... perhaps best if we leave out all of the inbetweens!!!!
Also really enjoy learning about favorite reads and new blogs.
Especially looking forward to your to your e-book on learning a (French!!) language as an adult.
Bon journee!

Kiki Dam

HAHAHAHAHA! You totally made me laugh. All I can say is thank goodness Ole and I are just using a French teacher to speak to and not trying to speak to each other - otherwise I know I would be using many of those phrases on a daily basis.

diane rincones hess

Oh My Gosh, sitting here in Hilton Head,SC and wishing I was in the Luberon Mountains of France...In a French Gourmet Group and trying to master Gateau au Chocolate this month Love to win Karen's book. So enjoy your Southern Fried French. Bon Appetite...Diane Hess

Delia Bourne

Hi Lynn

Greetings from Le Morvan where we are "enjoying" the freezing winter temperatures. Loved your post and was thrilled to recognise some of the phrases on your list. I'd like to enter the lucky draw for a copy of Kirstin's book.



Lynn, when I started learning French about three years ago, I subscribed to the tv5 monde television station and play it several hours a day. Movies are wonderful but what I found really helpful were the game shows and the kiddie cartoons. I will get on my stationary bike and watch but also just having the sound of people speaking french while you go about your daily activities and repeat phrases has really helped me pick it up.

Karen M. Johnson

I look forward to your blog every week!

Mary Flowers

Ooo, oooo, I want to enter the giveaway! Sign me up. As always, I love your blob [sic].

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