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Jane Williamson

We need something like doughnuts to keep our spirits up here in the Clunysois.
There is a cough and cold doing the rounds which is almost the worse that we have known. Stay away for the time being is my advice!!

BAFA Studio

This looks and sounds like a 'must try'... Thanks Lynn.

Bella Michelle

LOL I haven't ever lived out of the country but just my years in NY made me miss Krispy Kremes! Now I am blessed to live in a town that boast 3 (yes...3) KK and 1 Dunkin Donuts and a wonderful local bakery that does great ones as well!

Yours look devine!


Whenever I'm in Paris I make a beeline for the Boulangerie Julien on the rue St. Dominique, close to the intersection of the rue Amelie (7th arr.). They make beignet nature--whole wheat doughnut holes. With the exception of crullers from the Bay Bakery in Milwaukee, these creations cannot be beat. I've been known to choose accommodations as close to that boulangerie as possible just to have easy access to the beignets. Additionally, the other products of Boulangerie Julien are some of the best in Paris.


You had me a guilt free pastry! I'm pinning this recipe so I keep track of it. :~)

Mary Christopher

I was just introduced to Southern Fried French by Kristin Espinasse's blog French-Word-a-Day. Reading through all the archives I discovered the mention of the resto L'Auberge de Jack and his gratin dauphinois recipe.I made those pommes de terre for dinner last night. They are perhaps the best potatoes I have ever consumed, and my husband says he has fallen in love with me all over again because of them!I cannot thank you enough for the great introduction to your blog! Mille mercis!

Alicia Deavens

Nutmeg is my favorite spice!!! Love this recipe!

Sandra Vann

How fun...thanks for posting this yummy looking recipe!

Your timing on this recipe could not have been more
appropriate! Ali and I had just discussed stopping for a Krispy Kreme while shopping but our driver was in control so we'll have to stop another day. They sound soooo good. We will have to try your recipe when Monty and Ali come up for a stay here. Hope you are enjoying your stay in the states. Connie


You've got that right, the French just can't make donuts! How I would love to make my own but I'm terrible at that sort of thing so I will settle for oogling yours (and my waistline will thank me for it!).


Girl, you are very clever to do this but with all the fab pastries in France I could get over doughnuts in a heartbeat! Give me a buttery pain au chocolat any day.


Oh, Lynn, I love this! I've never even heard of a doughnut pan but now I'm going to have to get one. My son loves Krispy Kremes...can down half a dozen as a snack. Of course, he's a long, tall bean-pole who can use the calories. I'm delighted to have a slightly less caloric version for those of us whose metabolism has slowed. Enjoy your stay!

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