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Bella Michelle

As I have a child who is on a medically necessary strict carb restricted diet I can't make these yummies! I love granola too. Oh well, I will enjoy them through your post! Happy Friday!


I was wincing in sympathy with David Leibovitz when I read his post this week too! That renovation has been going on for ages, anyone would be at their wit's end. (and I've just realized that the only French bloggers I read are both US expats there, lol)

As for the weetabix granola bars, you are a genius! What an inspired addition.

Liza in Ann Arbor

I've only read David's Sweet Life in Paris, but I loved it. Laugh out loud funny. He has such a unique way of describing the frustrations of living in France.


I discovered Wheatabix a few years ago in my Safeway in Hood River. I always keep a box. I love the with warm milk and some cinnamon. I also use them to thicken soups and such. Try them under the broiler with cheese on top as well. I think I will try them with a bit of tomato sauce and oregano and mozzarella for a pizza taste. Thanks for reminding me about the versatile, but strange British goodie. Hmmm. What about some chocolate chips melted on top? This could be interesting. Yummy.

Sandy in Boulder

These granola bars look scrumptious, super moist and yummy.
Thanks again. Loved Tom's photos and blog on the snow and cold that made it to France. His wit is delightful!

Kathie Kerler

Milles mercis pour la recette. Je l'ai fait ce matin, et les bars sont délicieux.

Lynn McBride

La recette vas bien, je suis content! Merci pour votre comment. Et j'adore vos quilts. Ma soeur est artiste, elle fait les quilts aussi.

Kiki Dam

So great to see you and Ron yesterday! I just NOMINATED you for the Saveur Food Blog 2012 Award. There were so many categories that I think fit your blog but I could only pick 3.....I would urge all of your readers to go to and type in food blogs in the search site...then just follow the instructions. I'll be keeping my fingers crossed :)

Lynn McBride

Hi Kiki,
Tu est tellement gentille! Thank you SO much for nominating me for the Saveur Food Blog award. Didnt know about this, but I do love this magazine. Mille mercis!!

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