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How wonderful! So nice to meet and visit someone (either business or pleasure) and they make you instantly feel at home.

Veronique Savoye

Well, Paul and Alix spoiled you, and now it is your turn to spoil us: Beautiful photos of their dreamy Provencal home AND a time-tested recipe for the Spanish tortilla, a favorite of mine. I might even attempt Paul's recipe but I confess I may not be as patient and use a mandoline to slice my potatoes! Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

Julie F in St. Louis, MO

If I use my mandoline, then it gives me a few extra minutes to recline in those chairs above the roses, underneath the castle sky.


Looks like great recipe, made with love. I intend to use the mandoline though, agree with Julie above!

Judy Klinck

Is the name of the Village a secret until the article comes out?

Liza in Ann Arbor

I L O V E tortilla espanola! What a very fun post. Living the dream is right. I'll be there in July--can't wait!

Leslie Budewitz

Our week in the Luberon was the highlight of our month in France. Thanks for the visual and gustatory reminder!


Thank you, i am now hungry so i willgo up the sreet to mother Earth coffee and have a blackbean burger. i will try to borrow her
madoline and try this recipe.what publication will your article appear.then I will start planing tomake my version of mango soup.


How did it feel to shoot again - from the sounds of it, you had a great time and I am gonna guess so did Ron! I used to love the shoots when the homeowneres were really into it! We spent some time in Vaucluse - in Suis la Rousse and fell in love with the region. Sigh.....


Oh,my, Lynn, this is nothing short of fabulous!
Your words and pictures transported us away!How fortunate we are to share it all with you!
Wonderful people, a gorgeous home, (ditto with the scenery), and to top it all off, both food and a recipe that leaves us drooling! YUM!
What a way to start Friday morning!

Rachel M

Yum and wow! I had this kind of tortilla served as tapas in Barcelona, and wasn't I surprised - I thought I was ordering "flat bread"! Lovely photos - want more, please!!

Christine Webb-Curtis

Thanks so much for mentioning my blog on you post. I certainly appreciate it and hope folks enjoy it.

I loved your piece and could swear I felt the warm of the sun poking through the trees. And what a view!

Will be trying the tortilla as well. It made me hungry even though I just finished lunch. How decadent is that!

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