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Liza in Ann Arbor

That church reminds me of the one just next to our courtyard when we stayed at Chateau St. Vallerin in Burgundy. Do you know that town? It's not far from Chalon. I totally get what you mean about the French moment. I'll be there in 26 days and counting! I hope you enjoy the watermelon salad. Did you see I mentioned you in the Vietnamese Iced Coffee post? I had been tagged for Versatile Blogger and instead of passing the tag along, I mentioned favorite blogs and why.

Caterina B

What a gorgeous photo! I love that particular time of day, too, and also the dawn. I live way out in the country near the biggest wilderness area in Colorado. People would say that there is "nothing" to do here either, other than listen to the doves, hummingbirds, wrens (they sing the sweetest song of all) magpies, ravens, robins, horses,and coyotes. There is also fishing for trout in the river that runs by our house and at the lake up the road. Just yesterday there were two "cattle drives" right past my house on the way up the mountain. Early this morning I heard an elk bugle and deer sleep under the apple trees every night. We also see wild turkey, swallows, turkey buzzards and osprey! Sometimes I can't even make myself "go to town" for a week or more. Raccoons, bobcats and bears visit from time to time and last summer a deer was killed by a mountain lion in our yard during the night. We have chickens and pigs, too. It's not a ranch, just a little farm. I suppose that some day I will need to live closer to "services." Until then, I'll happily stay in the country!

Caterina B

Oh! I have been meaning to tell you that there is no "search" box on this page to click for Amazon.


Sights like this takes one breath away.sailing into Hong Kong harbor on the QE2 as the sky full of pink clouds and like oz the city seems suspended above he clouds and as you move closer the sun comes out between the clouds and as they part there lies hong kong gittering like a diamond in the early morning sun. And there is nothing like waching the sunset on Repulse Bay unless you are in Key West with hundreds on Mallory Square saying adieu.
All of this beauty makes me hungry-maybe lynn will share with us her recipe for white gravy to go with an early morning southern breakfast of chicken fried steak and eggs w biscuit on the side.

beth craig

I think you have to remind people that English lemonade and American lemonade are 2 different things.
For Americans, I'd suggest a Pimms Cup with either (diet) 7-up or part 7-up and part sparkling water to cut the sugar. The Brit lemonade is not American lemonade.

beth (in the south of France and loving it!!!)

Alice Whitt

Lynn - This is soooo beautiful. I envy you these spectacular moments in time. AND you are so amazing at sharing in both words and photos - I just love this blog. Thank You! Alice

Linda Hollander

Oh, this is just so beautiful. I'm sitting in a freezing cold office in Hudson, Ohio (far from chilly, rainy Maine), catching up on my emails and TRYING to relax...TWO house closings, one condo purchase, one and one half million things to do before the move and untold $$$ flying out of my wallet much faster than they fly in. I feel a lesser woman would be dead by now and I am off to have a Pimm's cup with my Ohio friends!!

Your blog just elevates my spirits so much, every week, something so special about my favorite seem to know what we in cyberspace need before we knew we needed it. I mean, brass chicken feet! White cows in the blue hours, that church - for which I have no words. I have said this before, but it bears are the BEST!


Heather Robinson

This so beautifully written and takes me right to those magic moments when it all comes together...

Thank you for the mention!


Lynn,all of your posts are wonderful,but today's is magical.
WOW!! What gorgeous pictures!
Your beautiful descriptions not only capture my imagination,but
take me along with you to that glorious place. I can truly feel God's serenity and His grace.

Suzanne Hurst

One of my friends just had a Pimm's Cup in Chicago; she didn't like it, but since I love all the ingredients, I think I would. If I can find the Pimm's gin, I'll try it sometime.
BTW, a friend living in Paris, recently told me of a French liqueur called SUZE. Since I use that in my email address and to sign my paintings, I have to try it. Do you have cocktail recipes for SUZE?
Merci beaucoup.
AND with scenery like you show in this installment of SFF, I can't imagine being bored. It must be nice to be able to walk somewhere at crepuscule, without worrying about crime. I live in Old Louisville, a beautiful neighborhood for walking, but I always get home before sundown.


ahhh one can feel the spirit open up with that big sky and ocean of green! Can not wait to sneak in visit some time and share the 'busy' days.

Keith McDuffie

These photos remind me of my recent stay at the Chateau de Balleure and meeting you and your husband. Your photo of the Burgundy paysage is much better than any I was able to get. I re-live my time chez Balleure through your blog, but there is no substitute for Nicole's Wednesday morning French class.

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