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Anne Woodyard

Love the salad buffet idea. We're having friends over tomorrow eve after an early concert here in Aix - perhaps we'll do salads which are the meal of choice during these HOT days! Merci-

cynthia at the daily basics

The potager is inspiration - it has me dreaming about how to recreate my garden, which, btw, has done absolutely horrible this year and I am thinking it needs an overhaul. Thanks for the kick start!
That potato salad sounds like a meal! Yummmmmmeeeeeee!
Great post as usual, Lynn!

Gina Bianchi

I totally agree with you! We spent a lovely afternoon exploring the Chateau de Cormatin last September. The Chateau was so beautiful but I fell in love, totally and deeply with the gardens! i took so many picture! The various twig supports were like sculptures in the garden! Truly every gardener's dream!! Thanks Lynne!


I made the gazpacho from your recipe last week. It was delicious and tasted like the version served at Curate, an excellent tapas restaurant here in Asheville, NC. The owner/chef, Katie Button, was a James Beard nominee and trained at elBulli. I'll be making the gazpacho again tomorrow. Thanks so much.

I look forward to your blog each week. It always brings to mind some memory from one of our trips to France.

Silver Magpies

Swooning! Especially considering the current state of my veggie's been such a harsh summer, seeing these gorgeous examples at the end of the season is very soothing. - Nan


It is only a dream to live in France...
Your lovely blog brings me there for awhile each week...
Thank you


Mille mercis! Great photos and ideas.


Hi Lynn --
Thank you! Your timing of this article is perfect for me! I have just devoured the Château de Cormatin website you listed and found so many ideas for things to explore/do while I am in Bourgogne next month. Can't wait to see the chateaus, the jazz fest in Beaune, the restaurants you rave about in Lyon, some Dijon in Dijon.
I am so looking forward to my visit to "our" Chateau Balleure and to meeting you, your husband, Nicole, Pierre and the rest of the "crowd" that has become your French family.
À bientôt - Jacki
Boise, Idaho


This is a feast for the eyes AND the tummies!
What gorgeous chateaux! You made us feel like we'd just taken a walk there with you!! GORGEOUS!!
I didn't think anything could top last week's Gazpacho (AND the Pouilly-Fuisse!),but these salads certainly give it a run for the money.
Especially the carrot one! YUM!
Makes me wish Summer would linger on and on.

Suzanne Hurst

Lynn, the next best thing to living in France, or visiting in France, is to read Southern Fried French through which we can all pretend we're in France!!! MERCI!!!

Debbie Ambrous

I'm ready to pack my bags, but unfortunately I must wait awhile until I return to France. Burgundy is a favorite. Thank you for "on-site reporting" with the beautiful pictures, delicious recipes and wonderful stories until I return. Meanwhile, here in Alabama husband Jim is working on a huge area in our back yard, trying to tame it and bring it under control for a future garden. No castles in site! Today, he is installing a swing, a very important feature. A hammock is already nearby. At this rate, we may not get much gardening done! Thanks again! I enjoyed the beautiful pictures.

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