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Kiki Dam

I am always looking for interesting French windows as potential paintings - especially the ones with things hanging off them! Great shots!!!!!

Kiki Dam

And I forgot but anything by Edith Piaf is, of course, perfect background music to accompany a plat du jour.

Julie F in St. Louis, MO

Ah, French windows. One of my favorite subjects to photograph. I try very hard not to seem too voyeuristic when trying to photograph all the varieties of lace curtains I encounter.


The textures, the colors and les accoutrements...a glimpse of ethereal white lace. Beauty with soul... and a little mystery. J'adore ma belle France. Lovely photos!

BAFA Studio

Ditto Kiki. Right down to Le Vie en Rose.

Sixty Steps in the Turret

Your beautiful post reminded me of how much I love French windows! The window that always made me smile is in a village, not far from the chateau, where a woman places a little cage on her window sill, for her cats to sit in !

I agree with Julie F's are also one of my favorite photo shots, but haven't figured out how to take them without feeling like a voyeur!

I'm counting down the weeks until I'll be back in beautiful Burgundy! Can't wait to see you, Ron and all of our friends!

Sue Wallace

No screens......always makes me wonder how to keep the bugs out? I recall my first hotel experience in Paris when I opened the windows overlooking their lovely courtyard. Suddenly I realized the air conditioning had gone off. Turns out it was due to intentional engineering to prevent the expense air conditioning all of Etoile! Have never seen this anywhere else.

I always enjoy reading your blog so much. Thank you for the weekly dose of French inspiration. I recently wrote a post on my blog on the topic of Fine Dining in Paris (or How I Accidentally Dropped a Grand on Dinner) that you may enjoy.

Keep up the great posts.


Sandra Vanw

Oh how lovely ....les fenetres! I also love to photograph them whenever possible without intruding. Beautiful shots that inspire the imagination for sure.

Hoping to be back in France by October. Look forward to meeting you
somewhere in the months ahead.


In the south of France people put lavender on the windowsills to keep out such things as scorpions and some other creepy crawly creatures. Lavender oil on your skin is also good for repelling mosquitoes.


Oh Lynn! Always fabulous, but I think this might be my favorite post yet. I just love it, the topic and the shots are beautiful. Your composition and storytelling are continually my Friday morning treat, and today's was exceptional. Merci, merci bien! Formidable!


Yes, the windows and the doors of other countries (other than the USA) are sooooo fascinating! I can get lost in all of the pictures that I have taken. There is such mystery as well as many stories they could tell. Of course, we try to give our's our own stories also (in France). I think I was the only one in our neighborhood in No. Va. when we lived there with flower boxes. Can't wait to see you again Belinda! We are so lucky here to be in a magical setting. Smiles, Ali


Lynn,once again you have started our weekend off in the happiest fashion! Wow! these glorious windows have absolutely captured my imagination!What a treat!
Bon journee!!!!

Suzanne Hurst

I loved the French windows photos. Wonder when it was in the US that shuttes became merely decorative; the French are smarter. I love how almost every house and even hotels have window boxes. I've only had one apt. ever that had a window box. I still miss it.

Chez Loulou

Wonderful collection of window photos!

I have a soft spot for them myself and have probably taken hundreds of French window shots over the last 10 years.

Chef Katherine

...and if you use Pandora to stream music and create a station called "Edith Piaf," you will get a very nice assortment of music from Edith and other similar artists. Love it!

Debbie Ambrous

I love the window with the laundry. I'm planning to frame pictures like this from France, Portugal and Italy and hang them in my laundry room. Yours is is the best!

Mel Dickerson

Hi Lynn I too am a French window fan as well as doors that often have a cardboard box sitting next to them with the local feline napping inside. But I want to tell you about a great buy I got on a book advertized on your site at Amazon. My French teacher showed me her copy, in French. I loved it and now I have my own also in French. Filled with little out-of-the-way secret French countryside tours. It is "Charmes et Secrets De La France"--Itineraires et Parcours (that's "Secret France". It is a large book, a little dated perhaps but absolutely charming and I got it in my hands like brand new for less than 10 $bucks$. It is always sitting right next to my reading chair ready to flip through at anytime I want a little get away. Thanks for your great site!


Fern Driscoll

So much like the Italian windows - I especially like the tax-saving measure of faux windows. And don't you wonder how much laundry ends up in the street from those window drying thingies?

Liza in Ann Arbor

I found myself fascinated on this past trip with windows and doors and took a fair amount of pictures myself. Maybe I should upload some to the blog...bonnes vacances Lynn!

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