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Jane Williamson

I bought Karen's book and really enjoyed it.

Mark Kane

Musée Carnavalet. Time machine to the 18th century in Paris. Too far back for Woody Allen's great paean to Paris. Marveling at the sumptuousness i perversely remember that fleas abounded too.

Nancy L

Love this excerpt. Downloading the book today! Thanks for sharing.

Barbara Bell

Karen's visit to the Louvre must have been early in the morning or late in the day when few others were around. I was surrounded by crowds of people at every turn. The "Winged Victory" was stunning but I was winded from climbing another set of stairs and wanted only to rest and catch my breath. I appreciate Karen's description because it's a better impression than my own had been. And when I faced the Mona Lisa, a couple of hundred people were crowding around her and blocking my view. If I hadn't had a zoom lens I would not have gotten any recognizable photo of the painting.

Still, I loved my visit (my second, separated by nearly 20 years) and especially the sculpture galleries. I look forward to reading Karen's book!


A wonderful blog!
Her descriptions are fantastic(!) but what I enjoyed most was her last line here--"Patience grasshopper..." She had begun the journey that all of us in the triosieme age have trod.
Such a worthwhile experience-- after searching to be fulfilled as the women we want to be, one day we look in the mirror and discover we ARE.
I look forward to reading her book.
THANK YOU,Lynn, for sharing Karen's words with us today.


You can certainly have one my dear. I will ask my little friend how much and let you know!
Thanks for the mention. I love your blog too.
Bon weekend,

Debbie Ambrous

Thank you for sharing Karen's e-book information and an excerpt of her writing. Very enjoyable! I will purchase the Nook version. Now I must plan a mile marker of my own in France, although 40 is long gone.
Enjoy your weekend!
Debbie Ambrous


I bought the book a couple of weeks ago and just loved it! I never get to spend quite as much time in Paris as I would like, so I always enjoy reading about it.


How fascinating, I'll be turning 40 next year, this is now a "must read book" for me. Thank you for sharing!

Karen A. Chase

Barbara, Indeed I did visit the Louvre early in the morning. I was there in line before they opened the doors, and before the workers had a mini-strike which delayed the opening by 15 minutes. That is Paris for you.

Karen A. Chase

You are turning 40? Welcome to our little club of women who have grown much further into themselves. I hope you'll find some time to yourself to relish in who you are and who you have yet to become.


I really want this book but not the e-book version, do you know if there will be a printed version, I like to "feel" the pages of a book.
Thank you!

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