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Lynn, that lasagne sounds amazing! I must try it. The wonderful tea I referred to previously is a brand called "Le Temp des Cerises". I have sent you an email with complete information. I am certain it still exists and I plan to purchase several bags of it when I visit France again in April. Try it if you get a chance.

Julie Farrar

I love Burgundy in the fall. It pained me so that I had no time to get out to the country on a long drive with my camera. I could see the city colors changing in the ivy climbing up the side of ancient buildings in Dijon. The chrysanthemum sculptures filled every public square. The window boxes were making their transition from red geraniums to purple heather. I planted some before I left, even though it might expire before I return later in the winter. Now it's time to put my garden to sleep in St. Louis.


Lynn, if that heavenly Lasagne recipe wasn't wonderful all by itself,these pictures are absolutely gorgeous. You've privileged us to see Mother Nature in all her Fall glory. We just celebrated Thanksgiving, and here is yet another reason to give thanks.
Firstly (always) to God, and then to you for such a gift.

Sandy Vann

Gorgeous photos of Autumn in your beautiful region. Profite bien!
Am longing to rent another gite or apartment to try out some of
the many wonderful recipes you post.


Lynn, The grass color is dependent on the variety of grass, as well as the season. In the hot and muggy SE US, the variety may be something like zoysia or centipede - green in the many months of heat, but brown all winter. Sometimes those brown lawns are overseeded with another annual variety to enjoy some green in the winter. That variety will burn off when the heat returns. Just try to grow fescue in the south! It will be green in the fall and winter, but look patchy and dead in the summer. How lovely to have green all year in Burgundy!


Isn't autumn beautiful? Lovely photos Lynn. We are in full winter here, no more yellow or orange leaves. Those yellow roses are beautiful, my favorite!
Have a great weekend!


I'm sooo jealous of your roses. At one time I had as many as 20 healthy bushes--and then, 10 years ago or so, the Japaneese beetles invaded our region. I had to remove all but a cherished few. Those few will be replaced next spring by "Knock out" and "Carefree Delight"--two varieties that appear to be unattractive to those demon beetles.

Liza in Ann Arbor

I make a version of the this for Christmas dinner. With my dad being a vegetarian, it serves as a hearty main for him and a side for the rest of us. It is delicious and my favorite part of the meal!

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