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Julie Farrar

Thank you thank you thank you for that chart. I will keep that cheat sheet forever and ever. Now if you could just find me one that works on French proportions because I had a some trouble figuring out the right size of all items for my French bed, so I under-guessed on pillow size and overestimated on housse drap. I did measure my bed, but the packages didn't seem to have that on the cover -- just if the bed was 1-person or 2-person, etc.

Ellen van Thiel

Great site! I'll use this a lot in the next 2 years. Guess you knew that! Thanks, Ellen

Suzanne Hurstr

The candied oranges sound magnifique and just the thing for someone who does not like sweet, like me. I'm going to try just one orange for myself sometime, as a trial, and then maybe do the pie for a potluck. The pie is similar to the Shaker Lemon Pie from Pleasant Hill in KY. I could share their recipe, if readers would like.


What a delicious tart Lynn, I've seen something similar in a victoria magazine, I tried it but I kind of failed, it didn't cook well, but your recipe sounds and looks more delicious, I will definitely try it. Thank you for the update on the book Bonjour 40. Also you have to stop recommending all these amazing books cause I'm going broke! I have more books in my "to buy" list than groceries in my grocery list LOL!
Have a wonderful weekend!


Another wonderful recipe (oh,YUM!) and post.(as always!)
Really looking forward to reading Debbie's new book; any idea of when it will be out on Kindle?
THANK YOU,too,for the great Designer's site!
(I have to admit ,though,at this point I'm filled with exhausation at the thought any more decorating on top of what we just finished!!!)
Happy journies,Lynn! We are so fortunate to have you share them with us!

Dina @ Honey + Fitz

Thanks so much for linking to my interior decorating cheat sheets!

Linda Hollander

Wow! I too was reminded of Shaker Lemon pie, which is way too delicious. sister, who makes it all the time does something great which I will pass on, even though I've never tried this with oranges (a project for today, with one orange). You put the slices in simple sugar syrup and let them soak for one day before you cook the pie.

So for your tart, you would just cook the soaked slices down via your regular method until they are caramelized and proceed accordingly. For candy, ditto, but experiment first with one orange. I am finding that the oranges in US this year are VERY tough, and have very thick, bitter pith. As I have about 30 of these puppies in the fridge at the moment I am TRULY grateful for this blog...and the result! I hope..YUM.

I am a big fan of chocolate covered orange and these babies are going to look great in my annual Christmas box (which consists of a 33 year old Panforte recipe and Marcella Hazan praline made with walnuts. I always look forward to putting these together. One year I made 33, but I am WAY down and this year I think I am only doing 7. I save my most gorgeous boxes (the best are from Talbot's) and my friends told me that they are so beautiful they do not get opened until end of season! I had to revise my wrapping method so people could eat the candy and still have a beautiful box!

Anyway, soaking does make the lemon slices exceptionally tender. I don't know if one would want extra tender orange slices, but you might try this, especially if the goal is tart and not candy.

Joyeux Noel,


Debbie Ambrous -

In reply to Natalia's comment, I am working on a Kindle version of "A French Opportunity". I hope I can handle all of the technical stuff and have it on the market soon. Thank you very much for the recommendation!
Debbie Ambrous

  French Connection UK 

Its looks so delicious I never try orange pie. In the week end I am going to try your recipe.

Christine Webb-Curtis

Yum, Lynn. I'll try this for sure.


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