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Dee Jackson

Lovely description of a very French Fete Lynn. i am now off to download Kelly's book. What else can we do on a cold wet day in Burgundy with our drinking friends at the other side of the world.

Terry B Gardner (@tbgdesign)

Amazing courage, your daughter and son-in-law have.


Hi Lynn! I hope you had a very Merry Christmas and I wish you a great New Year! "Sailing to Jessica" sounds very interesting and full of adventure, I definitely will check out their website.


Lynn,you always give us the privilege of sharing, and enjoying(!!) your adventures. Especially the Fetes and the festivites!
Today's post just filled me with laughter!
Also very much admire your daughter and her family!
Looking forward to reading Kelly's book.
(Am certain that you have been a source of inspiration for her!)
Happy New Year to you and to all!!!

Christine Webb-Curtis


We were near Arcachon visitng the ornithological park on the day of the telethon. It was a very spirited affair, as you implied. I will download Jessica's book right away. Now that I'm back from France, I'm looking for new reads.

An I'm hoping that my second book will be out in the next few weeks. It's finished and ready to go but for the lay-out. It's called Rehearsals for Retribution. I'll let you know when it actually goes "live."

I wish you a healthy and happy new year and look forward to many more posts in 2013.


Bella Michelle

What a fun tradition!!!

I am intrigued by your step-daughter's story and will most assuredly add it to my "to read" list on my Kindle!

Happy New Year from South Carolina, may your 2013 be filled with blessings and joy!!!

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