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French Girl in Seattle

Bonjour! Thank you for sharing these great shots of "les chats..." I am assuming you know the great book "The French Cat," that I listed in today's post about French-themed Christmas gifts? If you don't have it yet, ask le Père Noël to bring it to you. You will like it. Veronique (French Girl in Seattle)

Sandy Vann this! We are currently enjoying the company of the
of our neighbors cats where we rented a small apartment in Salon de Provence Lynn. So wanting to have our own again.
Joyeux Noel and thanks for the wonderful book recommendation and website. We can all learn from these sage furry friends, take time
to savor each moment and certainly every nap. Joyeux Noel. Sandy

Josh Chalmers

Thank you, thank you, for sharing news of our book! I'm so happy to see it flying off the shelves here, and finding its way to bookstores in other countries, too. And, just yesterday, we were the recipients of the Mom's Choice Awards, Gold level! Now it's time for me to start working on the French translation of it, right?

Mary James

Cute post Lynn. And always love your responses to comments. Not many people do that. In this one, it seems the links for European Market are not working. Joyeux Noel!

Lynn McBride

Hi Mary James,
Thanks so much, and merci for the quick heads-up on the broken link, which is now fixed. Merry Christmas to you too.

Katie (

Cute pics! I particularly enjoyed the trash can kitty and the laundry basket one. I suppose its about the cats' "re-purposing" the baskets for their own preferred use. Have a super weekend!


A big EuropeanMarket "merci" for including us in today's blog. As usual, today's entry is a terrific read. Plus, the cat photos are adorable. If anyone is looking for EuropeanMarket, we're at: EuropeanMarket.US. Enjoy your weekend.

Barbara - California

Wonderful shots of those cuties. Think of mine often and with the best memories. Joyous Noel Lynn!

Julie Farrar

Thanks for the photos of les chats. Because I'm a dog person, for a long time I was obsessed with taking pictures of dogs in all the unlikely places (department stores, in the markets, sitting in chairs at the café). Then one evening I noticed a cat walking along the roof-ridge of a medieval building and have been snapping them in their unlikely places ever since. I love my "cats on windowsills" and "cats in restaurant windows" the best.


Very cute!


Lovely photos Lynn. We don't have a cat, but our neighbors cat loves to visit every day.
Have a wonderful weekend

Christine Webb-Curtis

Love this post, Lynn. We've been here in France now for two and a half months and are missing our own cats and our dog terribly. These help. We, too, enjoyed a cat on the windowsill while we were dining in Cereste. And now we like to go to the nearby boulangerie in our rental in Landes--just to pet the baker's cat.



Lynn ....for your information. Cats recognize a camera when they see one and so they pose!!! .Mickey


I'm so glad the French aren't uptight about cats in restaurants. They add such a warm, home-y touch, don't they? Written with my beautiful beef-cat Frédy waiting (im)patiently at my feet for me to vacate my computer chair, so he can curl up on it :-)


Hi Lynn,
Thank you for these wonderful cuties!!
(What's that expression? One picture worth a thousand words??
We always had animals when I was growing up,from kitties to dogs to horses,chickens and cattle.
My dear mom rescued so many sweet meows; at one point we had 20 that we simultaneously found homes for.
Since 1969,my hubby and I have had Yorkshire Terriers as our cherished companions.
How blessed we all are to have the love and devotion of four pawed 'kids'!

Lynn McBride

By email from Jacki In Boise (sorry the site was misbehaving, Jacki!)
Always such happy things come via your blog, Lynn. First, the cat pictures reminded me of a happy pair I shot in Lourmarin on the steps of our B*B a few years ago, which led me to an hour of browsing happy memories of that trip.
Then the book you mentioned looks wonderful. I said two days ago that my Christmas shopping was done, but went straight to Amazon to order the book for my grandchildren.
Joyeux Noel !

Suzanne Hurst

Will send you some photos of my cat, Hannah, when I get back online.

Terry B Gardner (@tbgdesign) 'em.

Transfer Geneva to les gets

Cats have comfort genes. Never seen single depressed cat in my life.


Hi Lynn,

Kristi sent me over here bright and early this morning. I remember this wonderful post and I am so happy to see your work again this morning. I will always remember the first moment I met you at the gate at Kristi's house years ago.



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