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Mariella Neumann

Having just completed a fantastic cruise from Bangkok/Vietnam /Singapore/Brunei/Darwin//Port Douglas/Syney.
I have to agree that the IPhone was very handy and took amazing shots.We sailed down the coast of Austraia from the Cape York Peninsular and down the Great Barrier Reef and I also used my IPad and put my, photos on Facebook so my frie ds and family could trace my journey.
I am like you I do not work for Apple and I am amazed and puzzled what these pads can do.
Thanks for all the helpfull hints

Debbie Ambrous -

Thank you very much. I believe I learned more by reading your blog than I did in a college course that I enrolled in some years ago. Loved the picture you took of Lynn. Of course it helped that she had pretty hair that day too. I have a new color on mine, and I'm not so sure it's my favorite flavor of the year. Well, that's girl talk, but I wanted to say that you are certainly "Giving It Your Best Shot" and it's working!

Mary James

We have more and more of our tour guests taking photos with their IPads...I was skeptical at first but I quickly found out that they really got some of the best shots and it made sharing at the end of the day so much easier with the Apple TV!


Lynn....I have heard you and Ron speak of your friend photographer
Gordon Beall and I am delighted to read his article as your guest blogger. You know I am intimidated by any little camera, and have never taken pictures.. (well, I think you had a Brownie that I used once in 1966) ...but now i am inspired and I may get a new iphone and take a it too late for me to snap? M.


Gordon -- thank you for sharing! I really enjoyed reading your guest post. I am absolutely going to pay more attention to the edge of my photos!

Julie Farrar

Thanks for all the hints. If I could live another lifetime I definitely would want to be an architectural photographer. One time my aunt complained that very few of my vacation photos had people in them. But people move too fast and buildings stand there waiting for me to compose a shot. I do need to get some photo apps on my Android and remember to pull it out more often during the day. It does, however, drive me crazy that half the time I can't see the screen when I try to photograph something when at the park walking the dog.

Katie (

Great tips, Gordon. I agree, the iPhone 4s has a terrific camera and the Hipstamatic app is a fantastic and easy tool for creating interesting photos. I used it often last December in Paris, snapping pics of the holiday lights. Thank you, Lynn, for sharing your friend with us.


Thanks so much for the great ideas, Gordon. I can't wait until the time when I can change from an iPhone 3GS! I do LOVE your pictures!

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