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Debbie Ambrous -

Lynn, you have really gone over the top this time. I'm still spinning! Wow!! Now, let me check my frequent flyer miles...

Herm in Phoenix, Az

What a terrific blog page today, Lynn! The photos are outstanding; so colorful and appealing.

After last week’s gourmet venture of blood sausage, head cheese etc, a little pampering with decadent desserts is welcome. I’ll have a slice of that strawberry cake with a dip of chocolate ice cream on it; followed be a cup of black French brewed coffee . . . Merci

Julie Farrar

I'm drooling on my computer and gained 10 lbs. just reading the post. However, I'm going to have to find a non-French person to go with me to Fauchon's. None of the French women I know would even know how to indulge in such a heaven. They say, "I don't eat dessert" and mean it!

Colleen Taylor

Lynn, Oh my goodness!!! I am so honored that you mentioned me and my website today! At first, I thought, what a similarity, another artist with the same name. A warm rush to my head ensued and my eyes almost popped out! THANK YOU so very much. The letter I received from my cousin at Christmas time explained the process of the butchering entirely and that brought back so many memories. Now I know I must blog about this.

Lynn, to be so fortunate to be in Paris to experience all this lusciousness! Merci Merci

Suzanne Hurst

Julie, so that is the real reason that "French Women Don't Get Fat"?
I don't eat dessert either, but I look like I do. American diet, I guess, but don't eat "fast food" either.


Oh la la... Happy to have the pictures while the calories stay safely at bay! Mmmm...

Bella Michelle

Oh, what a feast for the eyes and tummy! Thanks for the temptation!


Lynn, you have created some wonderful posts, but this one is right at the top!!!!! Gorgeous pictures and commentary that leave my
mouth watering !!
What a way to start the weekend!!!!!!
THANK YOU!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Bon journee! (beacause of you,it most definitely is!!!!!!!)

Sandy Vann

Oh my, how divine! Gorgeous photos Lynn. I am there.


thanks for Colleen's blog. wonderful flowers. have you read Paris Update for Heidi's comments on the latest bistros and cafes. After looking at those luscious photos I am going to get on my bike and ride down to the local Kilwins and have a dish of salted caramel ice cream in a chocolate waffle bowl. Maybe you can go to Joe Allen's and have a burger.

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