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Jane Williamson

A fool-proof way of cooking rice is to boil it for the time stated on the packet, then rinse it under cold water and heat it in the microwave when you are ready to serve. This way you have perfect rice and the pan is washed up!
For fried rice, keep it in the fridge until you are ready to start cooking.

Nancy Lobalbo

We enjoyed a tour of the Fragonard Factory while in Grasse in 2008. It was fascinating and fun and I became 'stuck' on one of their scents ("Fantasque" which, unfortunatly, I believe is not being produced anymore. I stocked up but, just in case, I am looking into their other scents too. Your post brought back some beautiful memories!


Lynn, what (another) wonderful post!
I love perfume, and between your descriptions and pictures, I feel
like I've just floated away on a fragrant cloud of bliss!
Especially enjoyed seeing adorable Domino (and his escapades in parfume!)
There could be no better way to start the weekend!

Lynn McBride

From Christine Webb-Thomas by email:
Interestingly enough, I stumbled across an interview of Pamela Druckerman this morning on Radio France Internationale. She was handing out her advice--all of it interesting. Too late for me since my youngest is 25 and, as I recall, didn't sleep through the night until he was 12 (or at least it seemed that way), and was best at interrupting even the briefest of phone conversations. There was something magnetic about being needed most at the instant the phone rang. . .

I grew up with rice pilaf that my mother cooked often starting with sauteed onions in butter, then adding the rice for a few minutes before adding double the amount of broth, turning it way down to simmer and cooking with the top on. Makes for lovely rice. I'd love to be able to make sticky rice, however, the kind one uses in sushi. Do you have a magic bullet for that, Lynn?

24/7 in France

Enjoyed your article on perfume, which reminded me of the time I did a tour of an atelier which I also wrote about. Fascinating to hear and see what goes on behind the scenes in the creation of a scent. Here's my link if you are interested:

24/7 in France

I have never heard of baking rice, so will have to try this - thanks!


I love the connections between foods that I thought were 'old fashioned' southern and their French equivalents that are every day here - Floating Island being my favorite.

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