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Colleen Taylor

Oh My Goodness!!! I saw your blog link on facebook and wanted to see your lovely self with the handsome French gentleman and was stunned that you have one of my paintings here. I have a peach tree in my yard that is quite prolific right now. I'm getting excited to bake a peach pie with the fruits. Thank YOU for your compliments on the paintings, I'm so utterly flattered to say the least!

Oh the trauma of gray for me, yes, it's true. It's a dramatic story but something I need to ponder how to present it on my blog.
Your Vanilla Chai Tea recipe sounds like a keeper and a must try. Thank You once again.

24/7 in France

Healthy and great tea recipe - thanks!

Kathy Casey

I am laughing. I was in Paris with my sister last week. Her first time. The first day we stopped and got cafe and a pastry. The coffee cup was too small for her. Our next stop was McDonalds (ugh for me) for a large cafe. Ended up being about a medium size by American standards. Still not enough for her. About an hour later we went to a Starbucks (free wifi) and she got another large. So three tries and she finally felt like she had her caffeine fix. In our hotel, I gave her half my pot of the cafe so she could start her day off correctly. She made me laugh. We take it for granted here with our endless refills, which I love by the way. But over there a cafe creme in the AM and an espresso later in the day are fine by me.

Christine Webb-Curtis

I still remember the first café crème on our first trip in 1998 with my two sons. It was the most pleasurable coffee experience ever. And I'll have to admit that my husband orders them morning, noon and night. So gauche, but so nice for him. On this last trip, I was intrigued by the espresso drinks I had seen served over my years of travel and was finally able (and willing) to ask what it was. The "noisette" is my new best friend. Made with a shot of espresso and a dash of steamed milk (or just foam), it has just the right amount of milk that doesn't overwhelm the rich coffee flavor.

I've really never been much of a tea drinker. My first visit to England (longer ago than I care to admit) introduced me to tea with milk and sugar. I'm not partial to sweetened drinks as I like my liquids biting and strong. I see the appeal, however, and often wish I had a taste for it.

Thanks, Lynn, for the summary, though. Nice.


Sandy Vann

Love the chai recipe! Merci Lynn. We smiled at your reference to Suzanne's Alice in Wonderland coffee cup size. We are renting a lovely gite and the pretty red and white bowls with handles for cafe au lait are perfect for us. I often order un noisette (sp?) after a meal. Hope that is acceptable? :) Unfortunately for my waist size, with dessert however.
Bon weekend from a sunny, warming up at last Pezenas.

Carrie @ Season It Already!

Thanks for sharing the Chai Tea mix recipe! You know, I never liked coffee until I tried an espresso in France. Now I have to have the strong stuff here in the States.

Caterina B

I read the book "French Children Eat Everything." It's very good advice and since my children have all flown the coop, I plan to share the book with some young mothers I know. Of course, MY OWN children ate everything, they were perfect children, ha, ha. I do remember my oldest asking for escargot and they all ate broccoli happily, also nasturtium flowers. I never made them a different dinner from what we ate, either. That's ridiculous. It seems that parents EXPECT their children to be picky and timidly offer only what they think the children will accept. Thus...the children are TAUGHT to be picky. Why, oh why were the kids allowed to take the power away from the adults? I know a large part of the reason is that the parents themselves are picky, too, and not educated about food. I have to remember that today's parents are from a different generation than my own. What happened in the last 30 years, yikes?
I see 90 percent of school lunches go into the garbage while the kids eat fruit roll ups and chips and drink juice boxes instead of milk or water. It's because the parents generally don't eat well themselves and don't know how to make the effort to get their children eat well. This is one major reason for all the heart disease and diabetes in the US. But.....the "food" producers continue to make big profits. I would love to see school lunches at my school like they serve in France with a whole hour to eat and enjoy them but I know that's not going to happen in the US.

Jonelle Osburn

Loved your article on coffee and tea! However, the rule "No milk in coffee after 11 a.m." in France is often broken at Cap Ferrat. One of our favorite treats there is a "noisette" (a demitasse topped with rich cream). We enjoy them by the pool at the Hotel du Cap after brunch and also at Restaurant St. Jean. Maybe the rule is broken in St. Jean-Cap-Ferrat because of all the Americans and Brits there! As a child, in Louisiana, I was permitted a "noisette" after school as a treat, instead of sweets like candy. In New Orleans, café au lait is still proper anytime of day in the French Quarter. Vive la différence!

Suzanne Hurst

Your chai tea recipe sounds delicious!


Lynn,what a great picture!You are lovely(!!), and with the smiling Mr Mel (in Macon!)(SO remember their wine!)(YUM!),there could NOT be a happier way to begin the weekend!
Completely agree with you about a touch of sugar in one's cafe to
satisfy the sweet tooth (instead of something with beaucoup more calories.)
I'm a heart patient and your Chai recipe is divine.
Mariage Frere has wonderful decaf tea; think I saw Chai in tea bags available from Twinings.
Oh,my. So many delicious temptations, so little time.
THANK YOU for this wonderful post!

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