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Kiki Dam

He's cute, literate and knows his wine.....doesn't get much better than that :)

24/7 in France

Great interview - I am a wine lover, as well! Thanks too for visiting my blog.

Suzanne Hurst

Lynn, thanks for this post. I want to read both books. And good news - planning a trip to France in mid-Sept., and so O Chateau is now on my list. Where is it located?
I had hoped to get to Burgundy to stay in your castle, but we will probably only be in France 10 days, and I want to do side trips from Paris to Normandy, Giverny and Longchamps, so that may be all we have time and money for. I'm getting really excited just thinking about this trip.

Liza in Ann Arbor

I just finished Stuff Parisians Like. It took me out of a foul mood I had been in--so funny. Can't wait to get my hands on this latest one. Sounds right up my alley and I'm glad the humor is still there.

Carrie @ Season It Already!

This is so funny! I just bought "Stuff Parisians Like" this week. I attended one of Olivier's tastings back in 2006 - when he did them out of a room attached to his flat!

Then today, I received an email regarding this new book, as I'm on his email list. I had already planned to check out his wine bar next time in Paris.

Funny guy. Knows his stuff (of course) and great with people.


Lynn, this is a most interesting and informative post.
We truly enjoy wine but I don't pretend to be a wine snob;by this stage in our troisieme age,we've savored many bottles and have simply learned to acknowledge what we like best.
Today's interview gave me a lot of good information!


Stuff Parisians Like is a hoot, so I can't wait to read Into Wine.


I was not aware of Olivier but I loved your interview and will look for his two books.

Cynthia Hinson

Hi Lynn. I want to thank you for this post. I bought the book on the basis of your recommendation. We were just in Paris and visited O Chateau and had a wonderful tasting dinner. I highly recommend it to everyone. Olivier gave us a tour of the place and I told him that I had first heard of it through your blog. Thanks! (By the way, his wife is from Jackson, Miss. and my family is from a small town south of there, so we had a lot to talk about.)

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