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24/7 in France

Love French markets and especially the artisanal products - thanks for sharing.


We love the markets of France and many times we go to several during the course of the week. Very few of the ones we go to regularly have any other activities going on except for the occasional musical group. Have a great weekend.

Kathy Casey

So good to read this today. The salad looks wonderful. I just started getting tomatoes from my garden and will have to try it. Thanks.


I love this post. Our favorite thing to do in France is to go to the markets. Is this one in Cluny year-round or only in summer?


1. I want a set of those bells (strapped on calves of Morris dancers)(or is that Morris dancing?).
2. "Pitchers of rosé" - now there's an idea to be implemented this very day. Merci!


Lynn, what a wonderful post! I feel like I've just celebrated Saturday in the best possible way!
I remember the markets near my belle mere;we had fun and they were wonderful but nothing like this one in Cluny! Wow!
Especially enjoyed today's recipe and(!) such a beautiful shopping tote!
I definitely agree with your comment about the Spaniards with the bulls(!!!)

Judy Klinck

Hi, Lynn, sure do wish we could be back at the Cluny market on a summer Saturday! Hello to you and Ron and the coffee club!

Suzanne Hurst

I'd love to take that salad to an August potluck, but how would one transport it? Take the eggs, tomatoes and green beans separately, then assemble?

Lynn McBride

Suzanne, I think I'd pile everything into 3 separate containers and put it on a platter at the last minute, so it won't get jostled. Also that saves fridge space when you arrive, which is usually at a premium at a potluck!

Lynn McBride

Thanks Mary, and yes it's year round, we go rain, snow or shine!

Colleen Taylor

I so love that orange hat Lynn. I just purchased one similar to the one the lady with a blue top is wearing. My collection of hats are growing. That salad looks so simple yet wonderful. Wonderful post as always. You always have a knack for placing me right in the midst of it all.


Gosh, it sounds like an idealic way to spend a Saturday but I wonder what everyone made of the Morris dancers (we don't often see them in England these days, well not around London anyway) and bagpipes too.

Barb Morris

This brings back so many wonderful memories of our trip with you and Ron to the market!

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