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Julie Farrar

I love the Juras. Our friend has a second home there, just outside Poligny, so he is always taking us to all the towns between there and Geneva. I haven't gotten to Geneva yet, but I've stood at the top of Mont Rond and looked at the fountain in the lake. Fabulous hiking and eating.

As for the Dijon article, you really should come. Brad will be in residence until after Christmas and I'll be in and out for shorter stays in the fall. One thing I would take issue with in the article, though, is at the end with all the FYI stuff. It says stay in Dijon central and away from outlying suburbs. I'm not sure where he's thinking of, but I take the trams and buses to the end of the line and everyplace in between all the time. He makes it sound like the Bowery or something.

Debbie Ambrous

Very informative post, plus beautiful pictures. I wish I had a door handle like the one shown.

24/7 in France

Looks lovely - there are so many great places like this on my to visit list!

Liza in Ann Arbor

Sounds lovely Lynn. Will have to add it to the list!

Barbara A. Monks

Barbara in Poulsbo

I went to the University in Besancon many years ago on a Fulbright
Scholarship. Loved it!

Augusta Elmwood

And don't forget Pontarlier, home of Absinthe!

Colleen Taylor

Thank you for the great travel reads & places to see. I know for one that I would never ever come back home!

Miranda @ Live in care jobs

Definitely I will add this awesome place to my travel list.

Freya at

I always love the countryside! France is the best!

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