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Dee Jackson

I love Marion's paintings. What a star. Lovely post Lynn; made me feel homesick.

24/7 in France

Great setting for the vernissage - adds to the primitive side of the artsey tools!

sally vegso

Congratulations to MArion but also to the Mayor! Love ideas that get beyond the redtape. Slv


Ah, paintings *of* tools! I was afraid the beautiful old things were actually being painted! Ah language... glad I misunderstood! Love the endroit! Mmmmm...

Judy Klinck

Marion has been very busy for one month - painting, framing and throwing a party! Sounds like Jean-Marie was too! Tell her congratulations from us and we want a private showing the next time we are in Burgundy! Or a party! What was the original purpose of this pigeonnier?


Lynn, this was just another wonderful (beautiful!) post!
(topped off by a heavenly Bellini!)(how does it get better?)
My husband's oldest(artist) friend is an Expressionist. Some of his works don't talk to me at all (I'm more of an Impressionist gal),and then bam! A painting will come along that knocks my socks off.
You reminded me to keep an open mind; at times what we think might not suit our taste will instead do exactly that.
Tony and Lida have captured my imagination!

Allison Herron

Wow, I am SO impressed with Marion's paintings! Please tell her hos much I love them - they, to me, capture a very pleasing balance of color and design. My, that lady is so talented!!


Champagne is ALWAYS a good idea. I laughed at the vernissage explanation. Years ago my friend Peter in Paris posted about going to a vernissage but he called it a varnishing in English. I had visions of the patrons sipping wine and helping the artist finish his painting!!! We finally got all that cleared up.

I'm heading to Paris the middle of November. Wish we could find a way to meet!


PARDON! I forgot to mention how much I love the artwork. I"m not a took kind of girl but these oversized ones are wonderful!!!

Colleen Taylor

I am a tool kind of girl & the bold but yet the simplicity of those paintings are fascinating. They reminded me of some of my grandfather's tools that I have. Thank you for this since it reminds me that I must write on my blog about his tools one day.

Marion's work is wonderful & my best wishes to her. I suspect she will sell out quickly. I wish I had those stone walls somewhere. I've always adored that look since I grew up with limestone around me.

Thank you for the wonderful surprise mentioning me once again. I smile all day from that Lynn, Thank you! That Bellini looks like a celebration is in order for the end of our hot & heavy Arizona summer. Our beautiful weather is finally here! Cheers!

Laura Anderson

Wonderful art works. I love those.

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