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Kiki Dam

We are back in the US....I LOVE Raymond Blanc....ahhh,.... if I was only single and spoke some really GOOD french.....he is the BOMB!!!!! Oh and totally "user friendly" LOL


Hi Lynn

Interesting post.

By the way, Deux Cheveux should be Chevaux!

(I posted this item a few minutes ago and pressed the preview button. Didn't get a preview, just returned me to your home page. A technical glitch with the site?)

24/7 in France

Recipe sounds "delicieux" - merci!

Suzanne Hurst

Lynn, thanks for the links to Daily Motion and Henri. I watched one Henri on Facebook, and just adored him, so now I can watch the rest, and PRETEND I'm in France. Maybe when I get my new cat, I'll name him Henri, although I'm considering Noel or Noelle, as the case may be, LOL.

Julie Farrar

For Brad's sake, I'm adding this restaurant to our list of Jura destinations. He'd think it a perfect vacation if we just traveled from restaurant to restaurant, with a good night's sleep in between.

Christine Webb-Curtis


This blog post was chock full of des trucs. First, I can hardly wait to find a quiet minute to check out "Daily Motion" so I can watch the BBC series. Second, you gave us some restaurant sites I can hardly wait to try whenever I make it over the big pond and find myself in your part of the country. Third, the recipe looks divine. Now if only I could find some of those fresh and plump mussels somewhere in the central valley of California. For this one, I may have to wait for the next trip as well. Sigh. . .



Lynn, what another wonderful,delicious post!
Really enjoyed learning about Blanc, his Manoir,and Very Hungry Frenchman (Could not open Daily Motion...perhaps possibly on PBS?Cooking Channel?)
If the above didn't make me hungry,Nicole's heavenly soup most certainly did(!)
THANK YOU for turning this into a fabulous Friday!

Martin Withington

Like you, we loved this series. Have you caught up with his latest series on the BBC, "How to cook well"?

In this, he concentrates not so much on recipes as techniques. so there's an episode devoted to roasting, another to poaching and so on. All delivered in his inimitably quirky charming style.


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