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Julie Farrar

I've saved this to my house file in Evernote. We'll be doing massive renovations next year and I think when its done I'm going to do some re-styling (although I'll keep the Arts&Craft vibe to the 1920's house). However, I'm also contemplating what to do with our apartment in France. I had visions of filling a place with French antiques, but we bought all the furniture in it. The style is very sleek, modern, and a bit too white. A step up from IKEA. I've finally come to appreciate the starkness of the decor, so I'm not as quick to change it all (except for the over-sized coffee table I keep knocking my shin on). My husband likes the modern style. I'm going to show him your guide to style, however, to help him understand what I mean when I say I need to swap out some of these modern things for one or two pieces of furniture with some texture. And by the way, half my suitcase on my last trip had books so I could start filling up the shelves I was blessed with. As for plants, since I'm not there all year, I think I'm going to learn how to make a terrarium to put on the mantle.

belinda stuetelberg

Great tips, Lynn! I will keep this in mind, as I do my fall cleaning...edit, edit, edit will be my mantra ! Thanks for the great post.

Connie Rice Allen

Hi Lynn, Ali and I were just talking yesterday about some of these tips you have listed. I love your tip about taking photos and studying them. I will get my camera out tomorrow to do just that.
We just finished our bath remodel using a mirror designed by Rudy and Ellen's company. It now needs the finishing details. One of my design tips is to only buy what you absolutely love. Don't buy it if you think "it will do". Thanks for passing along some great ideas. Connie

24/7 in France

Great idea to take a photo to get the "big picture" perspective - sometimes I get to involved in the individual items and forget to see how they fit overall - merci!

Pat Smirh

Funny...that is the way I paint. I always start with a lot more in the painting than I end up with. And I photograph it at the end of each session, to get a perspective on what I've done and to keep a record of progress!

Gaelle from AZ

Terrific tips!! In the midst of going through my home one room at a time this year. I have a wall of open bookshelves! Arranged my books by topic, with vignettes scattered throughout. Wondering if it might be better to arrange books by size, to have more visual appeal? (What would Lynn do?!) Love the help, ideas and pics!!

Colleen Taylor

I think I've learned from the experience of selling my homes before moving. After viewing hundreds of homes here in the Phoenix area, many people clutter up their homes with stuff. It's drives me nuts to see that online as well as in person. It could make or break a showing and much less a sale, in my opinion. I've always staged my homes myself & I do edit it to pieces. I'm reminded here to keep editing just in everyday life. Thanks for the wonderful post.

Caterina B

I have noticed that many people hang their artwork too high.
I can't help but notice it all the time. I was taught that it should at the very least be EYE LEVEL. After all, what is art for? Viewing!
These days I often ask my rooms look too old fashioned? You know, as if one's granny lives here. My adult children like the way their home looks but they like the familiar, as most children do.
I am tired of too much stuff. Stuff becomes a burden. I am trying to give away things to the kids now, rather than leave it for them to have to do it sometime in the (I hope) very distant future!

Herm in Phoenix, AZ

Great blog edition, Lynn! It could be the outline for a new e-book?


You'll never see my home in a magazine but it suits me. Lotsa books everywhere no matter how many I "rehome" but tant pis! I call it "comfortable" ;-)


Lynn,thank you for this wonderfuuly informative post!
We really appreciate you sharing your expertise and tips with us.
I learned a lot,though confess that I pretty much flunked everything outside of bpokcases and hanging paintings and photographs.(sigh)
A big problem is getting rid of stuff and I definitely need to be more hard hearted in this endeavor.Every item has a memory attatched!
At least no guest will doubt who lives here! :)

Thea Jarvis

Thanks for sharing your styling expertise, Lynn. Lots of helpful suggestions. Keeping it simple is always best for me. Your 'When in doubt, take it out' rule says it all!


Great post! I will be sharing with Shirley and our two daughters who love to style rooms. Lots of great tips. Thanks for sharing your expertise.

Britny Sera

Excellent tips to style rooms. Thanks a lot for your ideas.

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