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Julie Farrar

I hadn't been to the market there in awhile and was all set to hop the train from Dijon this summer when the Horrible Summer of Appliance Breakdowns began and spent my time with repairmen. Hope I can get there this fall.

Frank Levin

We were in beaune in July. If you tasted wine all day it would take weeks to get down on street in the heart of a Beaune

24/7 in France

Looks lovely - so many great places on the to visit list! Enjoy the rest of your summer.


Packing my bags! ( I wish!)


For Americans, during WWI there was a large US base in Beaune and a school there just after, with 20,000 students.

Just in time! Beaune is one of our favorite places in France and in September we are going again. This time with our dog, renting a house and just trying out how it is to live as if we were just regular people
( albeit Americans :) Can't wait- thanks for the highlights in your post.


Lynn, what a wonderful post!(as always!) We loved Beaune!I especially remember how cordial the people there were,even when we couldn't make up our minds on which wine we wanted to buy.It's been awhile since we visited and thanks to your pictures I see that it is every bit as lovely as it remained in my memory.
We are such on the same page with good reads!( The Perfume Collector,A Man and His Cat) Also with blogs(A Small Village in France)!I really agree with her description of preparing escargot.
I made them once.The end.

Colleen Taylor

Lynn, what a lovely post! Your photos as well as the descriptions of the region beckon me to be there right about now.

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