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Sandy Vann

What a delightful post Lynn. Only wish we could have met up in Aix, we love les Deux Garcons! Bon weekend.

Jane Williamson

I just happen to have taken the Patricia Wells book Bistro Cooking down from my cookery book shelves and am looking for something to use from her many good recipes.
We have had a wonderful aubergine stew for lunch with the cold pork left over from the other day's roast.
It comes from Arto der Haroutunian's book Vegetarian Dishes from the Middle East and we added turmeric, as we have just heard that it is wonderful for preventing Alzheimer's disease.
All the vegetables came from our garden and for our dessert we had a fig, the figs came from a friend's garden and frangipane tart with a glaze made from our neighbour's honey.
Who needs to go down to Provence, Burgundy triumphs again!


I will definitely make this this week. I don't have easy access to salt cod and I'd rather bake it anyway so I'll make it Lynn's way. Thanks!


Some years ago at a cute little French place on Maui,we had ailoi
served with bouillabaisse.It was delicious and memorable meal,but there are times when one just does NOT feel like fish soup(much less like preparing it!)
Lynn,thank you for both this wonderful recipe and the great ways that it can be served with and enjoyed more often.
This will be tomorrow's dinner!

PS Jane,I agree! Patricia Wells Bistro Cooking is a treasure!

Debbie Ambrous

I plan to follow this recipe. Thanks for all of the great recipes that you include on your blog. I was rather hoping you would show a nice place to stay in the Provence since this area is hopefully our next destination. Thank you for sharing so many beautiful experiences!


I will skip the snails, too! OH MY that aioli looks so good I could eat it with a spoon straight! Great post as usual, Lynn! xxx

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