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24/7 in France

Great photos - I am always amazed at the lovely and colorful use of gardening space in medieval villages and towns in France!

Joan Alderdice

Beautiful blog Lynn! xo

Sandy Vann

Such a lovely post and such gorgeous photos of these petite jardins. Merci Lynn. We had almost monsoon like rains and hail this morning in St. Cyr, now the sun is out thought the wind is blowing! The flowers amazingly seem to hold on somehow.

Cor Unum Abbey

That was fun … what a charming post!

Julie Farrar

I definitely appreciate how even the smallest village attempts to beautify itself. I could go on and on about flower-covered bridges. And the geraniums hanging from every balcony in a city define France for me maybe even more than the food. My one lament because I don't live there full time is I can't continually keep my window boxes blooming. So when I arrive in October I'll empty my window boxes of my summer flowers and plant heather for the winter.

Frank Levin

Each year after returning from France I have suffered from severe, aching, cramping, agonizing garden envy. After fifteen trips totaling over a year on the ground in France I realize I have slowly been adopting the French gardening practice of planing something colorful anyplace you can. France is a riot of color since almost all the available spaces are filled with something growing and most of it growing beautifully.
If they is something vertical they and now I grow something to climb up it. If there is a plot of bare ground they and now I grow something to spread out and cover it. The west wall of our house now looks transplanted from France with vine roses growing up it it five places with more to come. Our terrace is teeming with containers filled with green and growing things. My envy is becoming less chronic although it still has its acute phases in the few days after I return. I hope to plant my way to a complete cure. My geranium envy is completely cured since I now over-winter them in my greenhouse windows added to the south side of the garage.
You posting brought a twinge of my condition back, but I will make it through.

Jan Janzen

Beautiful photos! That's just one more thing I love about the French. Flowers absolutely everywhere.

Jan Janzen

Frank, I envy your green thumb! I have trouble maintaining a pretty garden in the Kansas heat, and now that I'm *cough-cough* older, I have difficulty planting and weeding. I have a couple of pretty little plots, but not enough to give me that French atmosphere. I'm already planning my next visit to France.


Lynn,this is absolutely gorgeous!Not only creative and colorful,but a
lift for both eyes and spirit.
I wonder how they water the one over the door(?)
A window there,perhaps,or maybe requiring a brave soul with a ladder(?)
This so reminds me of exactly how beautiful our garden and roses were.We are having such a severe drought here in the West that I fear it will become(and remain) a memory.
Today's post is definitely abright spot to my day!
Thank you!

Colleen Taylor

They do make the best of the space indeed. Gorgeous post & the flowers are incredible. Thank you for sharing this.


Thanks Lynn, for the recommendation for the Patricia Wells app. We have just returned home to Australia from another wonderful holiday in France and used the food glossary many times. It is easy to use, doesn't need a data connection and would have to be THE definitive list of French food terms. Till next time!


Thank you for sharing! I love these tiny gardens and never thought of them in this way. You certainly found some great ones! How lucky we all are that this lovely fall days are lasting so long.


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