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Julie Farrar

I've seen these on a smaller scale in other French cities. However, I will now keep this on my radar for the future. I am developing a habit of heading back to the States before Thanksgiving, but now I might stay a little later.

The last e-mail notice I got was Nov. 28. Does that mean I'm on the list? Don't know when you made the change.

Colleen Taylor

Those are absolutely fabulous Lynn. My goodness, the lights and the colors are so different & brilliant. Great information to know, Thank you!

Suzanne Hurst

Just checking. Joyeux Noel tout le monde!


I heard about the light festival while in Lyon last year, but this makes me want to venture from my California home and brave the cold of December to be there. The lights look absolutely spectacular! Thanks for the show, Lynn, and happy holidays!

Maria E. Sastre

What a beautiful display of lights. Hope I can visit Lyon on December 8, 2015. It also happens to be my B'Day.
Does Lyon have other events like this during the year. Please let me know.

I really enjoy all the wrtings about all the places that you go in France!

May you have a beautiful Christmas with your family. And all the blessings in the world.

Sandy Vann

What a delightful, inspiring beautiful post Lynn. Certainly makes me want to be in Lyon early December, next year peut etre? Loved the image of the children in the small village placing candles in the windows of the chateau as well. Joyeux Noel and thanks so much for sharing.


This is absolutely gorgeous!
I have seen pictures of some of the festivities before,but these REALLY do it justice!
I don't (as yet) have a bucket list,but if I did (and when I do)
the light festival in Lyon will be right at the top!
Thank you,Lynn!
Happy holidays to you and your family!

Anne Marie

I started reading The French House and could not continue. It was full of odd characters that just were not interesting.


Hope you are happy with "the move". You are arriving here just fine.
Maybe see you in Lyon - it looks amazing!
Happy Holidays!

Page Robertson

I loved the French House, and posted about it on the 1/9 blog.


This looks fantastic. Thanks for bringing it to my attention. I'd heard about it but had no idea it was so extraordinary. It's not too far for us to go either. Definitely next year.

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