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Patricia Flournoy

Have you started your yearly migration? I will call you this weekend for a catch up...Wish I had kept my Gourmet magazines...They were a treasure!


Mention of Gourmet Magazine always bring me back to my early days as a foodie, although there was no such word then. My mother also collected Gourmets (and so did I--I actually have the 1973 issue you mentioned), and I spent summers home from college in the 60's reading Gourmet. I also spent the summer of 1965 in Europe, and while we students did not eat in starred establishments, at least I had knowledge of what these plats were on the menu of our local bistro. I loved those articles, although I preferred Joseph Wechsberg to the aforementioned Maria Kozslik Donovan. Gourmet holds many fond memories (and memorable cook alongs too.).


Like you, I am still grieving the loss of Gourmet. I still have a few special issues on my cookbook shelf that I turn to from time to time. Those Gourmet Holidays articles were enchanting.

lEllen van Thiel

Sounds like my kind of food. I think even I could make it if my husband would let me in the kitchen!


Lynn,today's post(and recipe!)are absolutely wonderful!
Makes me miss Gourmet all the more;each issue beautiful and a keeper,
those recipes harking back to younger days where taste was key and there was a great deal less regard for the fat and calories accompanying it.And!Such terrific places to visit!
Thank you for this treat!

Anne Marie

Bonjour Lynn, any tips for Bourg en Bresse or Alexe Corton or in between? I'll be traveling there in June.
I think I still have an article on Provence that I saved from an old Gourmet magazine. That's when a client always got an individual pitcher of strong hot coffee and rich hot milk with petit dejeune, no matter where they were in France. Happy cooking. Love the fish in France!

Jane Williamson

We decided to stay at home, why pay for a gite when we have our own and a heated pool!
We ate at several restaurants and our favourite was the Auberge du Paradis in Saint Amour, not cheap but such a clever way with spicing.
It also does rooms.
The vendange was in full swing when we went and we had an aperitif on the terrace and watched all the vendangeurs come back for lunch in the backs of the trailers.
Very atmospheric.

Suzanne Hurst

The fish recipe sounds delicious! I do not have, however, a flame-proof baking dish. What kind do you recommend, Lynn?


When I was a kid, my mother (who is still active at 97) planned almost all of our travel based on where Gourmet told us to eat and sleep. One of my happiest and yummiest memories of those many vacations involved a trip to Cornwall (yes, yes, England not France, I know...) where we stayed in a small coastal hotel that served cream so thick it wouldn't pour onto my oatmeal, but rather had to spooned on. Oh my... thanks for reminding me! Mmmm...

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