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Judy Klinck

Hi, Lynn,
I was just wising for your blog today and here it is! Wish we could have had some dry weather when we were last in France! Feast or famine! Wishing some rain to you and the farmers and vineyards!

Herm in Phoenix, AZ

Some friends of mine have a little dachshund which I call in French "mon petit chiot" being VERY careful to keep the "t" silent. With a non-silent "t", it's not a nice word!


Change spelling to "animaux" domestiques. :-) Your Domino could be a cousin to our Addison, whom we adopted along with her brother Sam at the local shelter. Pets add joy to life and these two climbers have helped declutter the house


It's "animaux domestiques" by the way!

Martin Withington

A bit more vocabulary. "Un toutou" translates as a doggie or a bow-wow and when le toutou barks, he says, "Ouah, Ouah".

Carrie @ Season It Already

Oh how mignon! :-)


Lynn,you have written some wonderful posts,but,WOW!This one is at the top of the list!
My favorite subject(chats et chiens!) and pictures that just capture our imaginations!
(love the one of you and Domino!)
(ps I tried calling our Twin Yorkies notre petite choux;they looked at me like,cabbages?
Are you kidding?Surely we are not that round!!! :):)
Here in the Southwest we,unfortunately,are extremely well acquainted with drought.It is terrible(and scary).
We have been enduring water rationing for over a year..Never mind the garden(save sink water in buckets for that),but not flushing toilets and ridiculously short showers are grim.
They predict El Nino this Fall( a deluge all Winter).That means flooding.Not a great solution to be sure.

Christine Webb-Curtis

Two days before leaving for France with our sons, I sent them to the pet store to get food for our cats at home. While still in my office, youngest son (Of course, the older of the two made the younger make the call. You know, the innocence of youth!) called to ask "hypothetically" what I thought about having two kittens. I said "hypothetically" I would be totally opposed to it. The result? Two days later, we left for France with my oldest son in charge of three adult cats and two kittens. Happy? Absolutely not. Fast forward 13 years, and the three cats are long gone; but Max and Spike remain the cats always in our hearts. The sweetest brothers ever. We lucked out despite the rocky start.

Thanks, Lynn, for the kick start on good memories.

Oh, and my condolences on the drought. We, too, of course, are in the middle of what seems an interminable lack of water. On fait ce qu'on peut.


Michaela Rodeno

California, too, is in the midst of a drought (fourth year) but here on the floor of the Napa Valley water supplies are good and the vineyards haven't been affected. In fact, we've had amazingly good crops since 2010 and it looks like another is happening this year. Any little sprinkle is cause for celebration!

Suzanne Hurst

J'aime les animaux domestiques! Merci beaucoup! I especially like the cat terrace. Quelle bonne idee!


Our animal friends are such a blessing! Thanks for the memory of the caged cats en haut. I didn't know of the drought en Bourgogne, but totally empathize as we suffer through our fourth year of drought in parched California. I long for a return to your corner of Burgundy--maybe next year.

Colleen Taylor

I love your photos of these cats & dogs. That little Mignon is such a beautiful little thing. Thank you for such a bright & cheery post here & sharing these wonderful photos!

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