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24/7 in France

Wishing you and Ron a belated Happy Thanksgiving and all the best for the upcoming holiday season!

Well said......

Kiki Ranney

Hope you and Ron had a lovely day yesterday - regardless of the winds that blow….

Colleen Taylor

Lynn, I want to Thank YOU for mentioning my scarves above. My entire collection is 30% OFF Today, ending at Midnight, PST. These creations are rather new for me. I have several of my own & I must say I've been extremely impressed with the softness & high quality.

Everyone in the US still mourns for France & the tragic circumstances surrounding it. It's all been said and we are sad.
Your Pumpkin Pecan Bread recipe is another keeper for me. I love to bake & love even more giving it away.


Thank you for sharing your thoughts and encouragement! The world doesn't seem as large as it once was and we all feel insulted by these savages. Aren't there more of us who desire peace than those who wish destroy?? One wonders what can be done. Do we widen our spheres of influence, perhaps? Teach peace to the next generation? I look forward to reading the articles you've shared. I also look forward to trying the pumpkin pecan bread, one of my husbands' favorites! Thank you for all the goodies packed into your blog entry. And the scarves!! Wow!! Might have to go on my Christmas list. Just gorgeous!! And from Phoenix to boot, which is where I am. I work for an artist here so I just love the whole scenario - art, Phoenix, France!! Hugs to you from the desert!

Colleen Taylor

Happy Thanksgiving to you & your family! Lynn, in my haste with my last comment, RE the scarves, I failed to mention enter LOVEART at checkout for the 30% OFF Discount.


Happy as always to read your thoughts Lynn even though they may be sad. Have written you many times of late but not lately sent. This is all I have.

The ship of murdering assassins sails on the sea of riches as it always has.
The names of the dead, the names of the crew, and the names of the rich change.
But, the name of the boat of death stays always the same. sadly, sadly the same.
And, its name is INSANITY.


Hi Lynn,
This beautifully expressed post--and France-- wraps itself around our minds and hearts.
Kristin Espinesse's(of French Word A Day)blog on the 24th told us Meme Pas Peur.
An additional quote by Franklin Roosevelt is also more than appropriate:The only thing we have to fear is fear itself.
Such wise words in challenging times.Such wise words that are not always easily accomplished.
And!It is no comfort to see we are not unique; history repeats itself in new ways of terror.
We will survive!
Wishing you,Ron,and your family all the blessings of Thanksgiving.
PS Your Pumpkin Bread is WONDERFUL! Thank you!

Name Ellen van Thiel

Bravo, Lynn! Great post at all different levels. It’s hard to know how to get through this very sad time but it always help[s when we are reminded we are not alone. I look forward to reading the articles you included, especially John’s. I completely agree with your beautiful thanksgiving prayers, so well expressing the important ideas of this moment in time.
May we all have generous, loving, and hopefully, constructive thoughts this holiday season toward those who are suffering this madness up close.

Christine Webb-Curtis


Thanks for your post--one of many I have read in the last few weeks. I continue to be informed and educated. Beyond the tragedy, I choose, as do so many others, to consider goodness in humankind. I will travel again. I will return to France. I will treat others kindly. I will love my family. And I will seek joy in the world. And I will vote for those who support my views of same, including tolerance of others' views and others' religions. I will live my clergyman father's own respect for others who practice differently, dress differently, speak differently, and believe differently. Curiosity and acceptance make us all stronger.

I hope you and your family and friends have enjoyed your Thanksgiving away from these shores. Thanksgiving is, after all, a concept accompanied by a cacophony of delicious food. I had my three sons at the table this week along with other beloved family and friends. It was a wonderful several hours for which I am truly thankful.

Bisous, Chris


Great reading suggestions - thanks for sharing!

Suzanne Hurst

Thank you, Lynn for all the suggested reading. I plan to read them all. I hope that you had a lovely day on Thanksgiving. We should be thankful EVERY DAY - every day that we are alive, and able to enjoy something in our lives, every day that we are safe from the dangers that are all around us. There is also SO much beauty in this world, so we need to focus on that!

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