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Colleen Taylor

The video is wonderful, couldn't help but laugh through that one. Interesting facts about French women, but I've always thought that was the case. I feel better about myself now! Love a man who wears a scarf & why not! I'm happy you linked back to the scarf post. Gained some valuable scarf tying info from Betina with the youtube video she posted. That's a keeper for me.


Thanks, Lynn. Loved this! It's right on and Camille Rowe rocks. Good to discover her here.


I adored that video -- I had a great laugh. Thanks for sharing!

Libby Wilkie

Oh, I love Picard!!! Wish we had them (and that quality) here…
My husband now wears a scarf all the time: total convert!


Thank you so much for the recommendation, Lynn. Greatly appreciated! ... Love your story above about the four course meal at Picard :-)

Christine Webb-Curtis

Loved the video. I remember times when we would ask for directions. Everyone was so kind to agree to give them. But the minute we unfolded a map, the response was wild waving of hands ending with a hand on the chest (over the heart?) claiming not to need it. The result was often--if not catastrophic, at least much slower than it otherwise would have been. But oh well. It's part of the charm. And now we always use our GPS, though that is not as reliable as one might think. I recall being sent down a lane into the center of Lagnes (near L'Isle-sur-le-Sorgues)that hadn't seen the wheels of an automobile for a long, long time and forcing two dog walkers to suck in their stomachs to let us by. And our last trip to the airport hotel at Orly had me walking straight to the bar and ordering gin straight up.

We love it anyway.

Best regards, Chris


I think the French are lucky to be able to buy frozen dinners good enough to present to guests
Even little things like ready made pie dough, pate brises, or pate sucrees of excellent quality, is such
a time saver. Some would never make a tart themselves without the ready made. Then there is all the excellent
charcuterie as a first course or lunch.
In other words, there is no comparison between the Picard frozen entrees, and American frozen foods.


Lynn,THANK YOU,this is just EXACTLY what we needed: a wonderful laugh,especially at ourselves!
And!Oh la la la (and LA!),to be that young!!!!!!!!
I well remember the one about only washing your hair once a week...the predecessor to it was only bathing once a week(or every few days) so as not to wash off much needed bacteria on your skin,otherwise you are illness waiting to happen.(NOT!)(merci anyway!)
But this is what makes our nations unique and great.We each have our own customs and foondly(or maybe not so much at times) go with"to each his own".

Walt S.

La vidéo était très drôle.

Merci beaucoup.

Cordialement, Walt

Julie Farrar

The video was hilarious because there was so much truth in it.

As for the dirty secret that French women don't cook, they also don't go to the wonderful weekly markets. I was at a social gathering with some French and mentioned as a conversation-starter how I loved the thrice-weekly market in the historic city center. The woman I was talking with sniffed and said, "That market is only for the bourgeoisie" (defined in the Marxist sense). And then when I commented on the marvelous flavor of my first ever gougères that she had brought to the party, she educated me about the wonder that is Picards. Inside of 5 minutes I had gained a great insight into French culture. As for me, I continue to prefer the controlled chaos and fabulous food at the market over the supermarché. But I love the delicious frozen entrees at Picard, especially when I'm in France alone and don't feel like cooking for one. However, I've finally mastered the homemade gougères and won't be buying those frozen.

As for the hair washing, I wash every other day and if you ever see me doing it once a week, take my temperature. The right shampoo and conditioner, plus a warm, not hot, dryer keeps it from drying out.


Lynn, we are in Paris in an apartment for the week. We got turned around at night and asked directions - 4 times. Some time later, we made it back to the apartment. The problem could be my bad pronouncion of the name of the rue! Love exploring the Marais. Off to Burgundy on Thursday.We will be north of you. Looking forward to being in such a sweet landscape again. Happy Christmas.

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