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Ella Dyer

Lovely ideas; I'm always wondering what to do with leftovers! This also reminds me of my late mother-in-law's recipe for Cornish Pasties, a simple meat, onion and potato pie -- pocket pie -- from England.

Anne Woodyard (@MusicandMarkets)

I'm reminded of the yummy pastillas à l'agneau we sometimes enjoy from Picard - with a knife and fork, although perhaps they're hand-held in their country of origin?

Christine Webb-Curtis

When living in Chile (in the Peace Corps), I learned to make empanadas the Chilean way. Ground beef, if I recall (though I never eat it now), onions, raisins, cumin, and a quarter of a hard-boiled egg wrapped in the dough and baked. Occasionally, I'd find the deep-fried version in the market. But I loved the baked empanadas. Your post certainly takes me back.

jackie clark mancuso

the only thing eaten out of hand I can think of is croissant. maybe a ham and cheese choissant or pan au chocolat fits your description.


Lynn, today's post is nothing short of inspiring!THANK YOU!
I had not thought of using Pillsbury pie dough(except for quiche);
I have been using Pepperidge Farm Puff Pastry dough,making Feuillete.
After rolling it out into either squares or a rectangle,I smear bechamel sauce over the
top,then top with whatever else(chicken,vegetables,etc),sprinkle with grated gruyere
and cover with the remaining puff pastry pieces.Brush top with egg wash.
Bake at 350 till golden,about 15 minutes.
One of the TV chefs suggested using mustard instead of bechamel(a lot easier snd faster),but we thought the mustard made the flavors too sharp.


Thank you Lynn and Ellie for telling us about the Victoria magazine. I was in the USA and bought it just before I left for our paradise called Burgundy. Love the articles! Thanks for telling us.

Colleen Taylor

You are so creative with your leftovers Lynn. I love puff pastry & do use it occasionally. No Pillsbury pie dough for me since I make a really good flaky pie crust from scratch. I eat a hamburger just the way the French do. Sure it's better with a bun but I have enough on my bun already so I try to avoid.

Thank you for some the ideas here, excellent as always!


Thanks again, Lynn. You know I adore the "speck" dinner at the Italian restaurant. Ye,s there is always left overs for a meal later!

Suzanne Hurst

There used to be a Louisville restaurant that served Cornish Pasties. I always had one when I went there. Thanks, Lynn for a simple explanation of how to make these.


If you live in France , better know how to spell pâte feuilletée and beurre!! Also if you want to French up something I would stay away from soy sauce, just use mushroom duxelles , cheese, vegetables or a simple ratatouille. Bonne chance!!

Martin Withington

Lynn, as a non meat eater, you probably wouldn't like Jamaica Patties but I believe that Ron likes spicy food so if he hasn't tried them, I think he'd love them.That nice Mr Google has lots of recipes.

Maribeth Theisen

Wonderful idea for leftovers. Sounds scrumptious!

Dee Jackson

The English have a version also, the Cornish pasty, designed for workers in the mines. They could hold the pasty pastry ridge with their hands to eat the pasty then throw away the pastry 'handle'

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