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Herm in Phoenix, AZ

Hi Lynn,

Great post. I read recently that only 3 percent of ex-pat vote . . . That's not good! I voted this week by mail-in early ballot and cast my vote for XXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXXX. This has been, and still is, a vicious race for President. Not fun to experience.

Enjoy your stateside visit.



Bravo,Lynn! Lovely, eloquent and timely..

Thea Jarvis

Well said, Lynn! Early voting started last week on St. Simons and I sure was happy to participate.

Love to you and all your family, Thea ❤️


Right now what we don't need is to escape from the serious reality of what may happen here in the United States. What we do need here is much prayer that God will bless our land again; That our next leader will maintain the values of our Christian heritage. Also, nationalism is not bad when it will protect the people from real danger, and cause ils people to be safe and secure.

One other thought. Our one presidential candidate appears to be more restrained and polished. What is important, however, is not one's outward appearance, but one's actions and governmental results, and the honesty of our next elected president. We have a choice of what has occurred here in the United States for the last eight years, or a change for what I hope will be better results.

M. Vincent Savage

Maybe the current nationalism is a reaction to the Thousand Points of Light and the New World Order of uber Capitalists. It seems that many of the same people who praise diversity want EVERY PLACE to be the SAME.

Lynn Meakin

Well said, Lynn!


Thanks so much for this post, Lynn.

Angela Muller

As a lifelong Independent voter, I have tried to put rhetoric aside and concentrate on the actions of political candidates. Nationalism does not create war and leave others aside. Weak people do that! Nationalism is essential to the building blocks of any nation, but begins with the individual. In its simplest form, nationalism begins with each person, knowing who they are, what they believe in, and how they want to leave this life better than they found it. Confident, strong individuals, build strong families, who in turn, build strong communities, etc. A country where some thrive, but others don't, is not a strong world leader. Until it can deliver its promise to its citizens, how can it possibly deliver anything worthwhile to the world. Over the past eight years, we have been witness to the systematic destruction of American character and culture. We need to rebuild that character, that culture, that promise...only then can we embrace the world with integrity and compassion. Recently, I watched an interview on T.V. that crystallized our current dilemma. A local reporter stopped a woman on her way to work and asked for whom she was going to vote. Without hesitation she said, "As a Black woman and a Southern Democrat, I'm voting for Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton has no conscience. Donald Trump can learn to be Presidential, but you can't teach someone to have a conscience!" A thirty year resume filled with substantiated corruption, criminal activity, fraud, lies, and negligence is not "what mama had in mind".

Ken from NH

Hi Lynn- very well said, especially the paragraph about nationalism & turning inward. That certainly is not the answer. Those of us from NH have been living this "scorched earth" election for over a year now, considering the NH primary was in January. Hopefully, the American people will not choose isolationism. Whatever happens, reconciliation may be very difficult if not impossible. To Diane above- Benjamin Franklin once said: "Those who would give up essential Liberty, to purchase a little temporary Safety, deserve neither Liberty nor Safety."

Barbara Bottini

Thank you for your wise and thoughtful words.


Beautifully stated. Thank you.

Suzanne Dunaway

Hallelujah! Wonderful criteria for voting but I have no problem with Hilary after having seen and heard her in the last debate. Calm, cool and wise in the face of interruption, hysterics and just plain ignorance of how government works from Mr. Trump. And if she were a male no one would be hesitating about whom to vote for.
I love to read and will send you my latest picks. The Six is one and Nancy Mitfird adored Paris and ecerything French.


Outstanding post, Lynn.


Lynn,your post today is not only excellent,but absolutely one of your best.
You expressed what we all are feeling,need to hear, and hope to follow Mama's words.
Bon courage is exactly right.


Our moms are our first teachers and that was a very wise mom in South Carolina. Thank you ! And speaking of mothers, I sure miss yours. Judy

Christine Webb-Curtis

A fine message, Lynn. Thanks for the reminder. We are mail-in voters and will be sending them today.

And in November we'll be visiting your corner of the country--my first time south of North Carolina (except the Miami airport, which doesn't count). We'll wander the attractions in Georgia and South Carolina before heading to Boston to visit brothers and cousins, watching the election results from a hotel room for the first time.

Enjoy your visit here.

Janet Allen

Very well said, Lynn. Thank you for making this point st a time when politics around the world are getting scary. I applaud the South Carolinians for working on what is desperately needed to bridge this racial gap.

Thank you!

Janie Lanier

Dear Lynn,
I have never commented on anyone's blog before, but must say that 'Mama's' advice is spot on. My father-in-law used to say that the true meaning of your success is if you make the day of everyone you meet just a little better. Not too different from Mama's advice. Thank you so much for sharing. BTW, we love reading your posts.


Lady Liberty on the peniche looks like one we saw on the Seine three weeks ago. Where is it? Too bad our schedules did not sync. We spent a week in west Paris, Porte d'Auteuil, then a week in St. Tropez, then a week driving from town to town northward, staying with friends or at airbnbs. Much fun, driving aside.

Julie Farrar

As I'm winding down my brief stay in France this weekend, I have to say that many times on my trip the French people I talked to even casually had a very definite opinion on who they wanted to be the next American president. I saw it in the newspapers and magazines. This is what I always try to get across to people back home -- the world really is watching what America does. My fellow citizens can't act like America exists in a bubble.

At my regular salon du thé on Friday I encountered an American who has lived in France for a couple of decades proudly sporting an "I'm With Her" button on his coat label. He definitely had already sent his vote in. One reason my visit is so short on this trip is because more than ever I feel like I need to be home on Nov. 8 watching the election returns. So much is at stake.

Judy Klinck

Well done, Lynn! Hear, hear!

mel dickerson

Well Lynn, I'll leave the presidential politics to others but I'll tell you whenever I may see you next in France who my South Carolina mama, who thought Jimmy Carter was a Christian, would vote for in this election. But for now, just where is that boat on the Seine with that statue? I seem to have missed it. I especially like to peek in on those little nautical havens imagining what it might be like to live on one, a small glass of red with a friend under the awning at 2:)


Colleen Taylor

I think pretty much everyone agrees that we are not happy with either of our choices. We mailed ours in last week. I just want it to be over & done with. Excellent post Lynn.

Michaela Rodeno

Thank you, Lynn, for your thoughtful post. Out here in CA there's little disagreement about who our next leader should be, given the choices. And we're all, everywhere, sick of the nasty campaigning and women/minority bashing from you-know-who. Bernie stirred a pot that will have an impact for change going forward, bless his heart. I do wish the Christians would include all Americans in their thought and prayers. Final comment: we/Villa Ragazzi are so proud that our Sangiovese was served in what is likely to be the last Obama state dinner this week, in honor of visiting Italian prime minister Matteo Renzi. I'm already missing the civil tone at the top from the Obama administration.


Joining the chorus to say: great post! I have already placed my expat vote, as everyone I know here in Italy has too.

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