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Happy New Year Lynn! Love the turkey and cranberry rounds. Brilliant!
We enjoyed Christmas Eve with friends in Provence which was no left over turkey however.
Wishing you a truly special New Year and many more fun adventures in the months ahead.

24/7 in France

Wishing you both a wonderful and happy new year 2017!

Jane Williamson

Happy New Year Lynn,
We had something similar when we went to a pre Christmas lunch with the farmer who uses our field. It started with smoked salmon and foie gras on little bread rounds, separately of course. We then had salmon stuffed with herbed cheese and baked on rice with seafood. Next was roast lamb, from another farmer, of course, with haricots. Then the cheese followed by profiteroles filled with ice cream and then the buche de noel, or chocolate log. We were liberally supplied with aperitifs, made by various relatives, wine and digestifs.

Ellen van Thiel

Happy New Year,Lynn! Thanks for a year of great recipes and inspiration. We look forward to many more. This spaghetti con Cozze looks like the perfect meal at this point. We’ll have it tonight with friends. I look forward to next years tantalizing delights.

Colleen Taylor

Even though it's breakfast time, you've made me very hungry for a seafood dish. I'll hold off until later in the day but now I know what I'm cooking for dinner. Thank you for all your wonderful blog posts & thank you for your friendship. Happy New Year Lynn!


I don't get it. When we take vacations (in both the US and France) with our friends from the Poitou and it's my husband turn to cook, he usually makes a scrumptious "pâtes aux fruits de mer". Each time they are surprised by the dish and claim they've never seen nor eaten it before. The less gastronomically adventurous among them sort of pick at it. Others chow down with gusto. I can't explain it. Also, we always use a small bottle of clam juice when preparing this dish--unless we are in France where it's impossible to find!

Christine Webb-Curtis

Hi Lynn.
We didn't do turkey for Christmas this year. We did salmon, and nary a shred of it remained at the end of the meal. But there are always other leftovers. And with these ideas, who even need leftovers? The seafood pasta recipe is a must.

I wish you and yours a safe and healthy 2017. I'm thinking positively about what lies ahead for us. It'll be a ride to remember, I'm sure. I hope for a return across the water this next year. And who knows? Maybe I'll send an email one morning asking if you'd like to join us for lunch or coffee in your neck of the woods.

Stay well.



Happy New Year,dear Lynn!
Blessings of health and joy to you and yours!
Thank you for your always wonderful posts(and recipes!)
You make our Fridays special!
We got sick of the same old, same old for Christmas dinner and decided to spluge on something different--Lobster Thermador.No leftovers for Santa,of course(figured Mrs C could ditch the milk and cookies and come up with a wonderful meal on her own!) It really was lovely.
Whnever we do have leftovers,though,I started making a gratin out of them.(Thank you to both you and Emily Dilling for reminding me of the versatility of these!)

Barbara Penn

Do you know of a mail-order source for muscadine products? Used to pick my own in the Georgia woods but now live in California's Mojave Desert!


Happy New Year from Down Under (Australia) Thank you for all your insperations in the kitchen and especially on your artical on the
May we all open our hearts and pray for peace in our troubled world.


Happy New Year Lynn from Southern California. I have so enjoyed your blog and have referred back to them during the year. Thanks for, not only great information, but stunning photos as well.


This "limbo" week in Austin (or "the ATX" as we're now supposed to call it) is my favorite. Half the city or more is away and there's almost no traffic. For me it's a time to visit with friends and even eat out with no crazy lines - I love it!

A very happy and healthy new year to all!

Vicky from Athens

Try googling Calloway Gardens Country Store. I've not done that because I'm within driving distance but I'll bet you can order from them. Good luck!

Vicky from Athens

I do make my own cranberry sauce! A recipe that I was able to get from a restaurant in Glacier National Park several years ago. It's delicious and makes enough for my family and a few friends! Yours sounds a little sweeter then mine - I plan to give yours a try ... everyone loves a homemade gift!

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