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Suzanne Dunaway

What a great place! I am assuming that you are NOT in France, haha. Love from Suzanne and family.

Suzanne Hurst

Lynn, I got a huge and welcome LOL at the Firefly Wizdom. It reminded me of my Tennessee Daddy who called everyone from north of the Mason Dixon line a "yankee," and it was not complimentary. He once told 2 Maine "cousins-in-law" that they were the only "yankees" he had ever liked. Ha, ha.
I was planning a stop in Charleston once, and got sick, and had to cancel; I have to get there someday. It intrigues me.


Lynn, I can't imagine not liking muscadines or scuppernongs. I love those things!! Not the slimy insides but the juice is delicious. I like to pick them off the vine, suck the goodness out of them and spit the skin and pit on the ground. Have you never had muscadine sauce from Callaway Gardens Country Store? It's good on everything . . . hot ham biscuits, cream cheese and bagels . . . even vanilla ice cream!
I've grown those little tea bushes (small camellias) in pots. They produce the sweetest little camellia blossoms.
Charleston - it's such a lovely Southern city. I'm lucky in that it's only a few hours drive from me!


Lynn,you gave me great insights to places I'd heard of but never had the privilege to visit.
What fun!
Thank you!
Merry Christmas to you,Rom,and your dear family.


Sure nuff you gave me somen to grin about! Merry Christmas from one southern gal to another!!

Joyce L Ledbetter

Hi Lynn ! How can you not like muscadines and scuppernongs ? I love them both and they make the most wonderful jelly ! My grandfather grew them when I was a child, my granny would make jelly and pies from them.
Wishing you a wonderful Happy New Year !

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