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Jane Williamson

I read the book a long time ago and we had a holiday in Guernsey even longer ago than that.
The Channel Isles are fascintaing places and full of interesting things to do.
Guernsey used to have as its major industry tomato growing and there are now many enormous greenhouses in various states of decay all over the island.
Tomato growing has now moved to Spain.
Jersey is also famous for its potatoes, Jersey Royals, which are grown on impossibly tall slopes and all harvested by hand.
I think that they are even better than those from the Isle of Noirmoutier, the French equivalent.
Both islands have a rare shellfish called ormers. They have to be cooked for a long time as they are quite tough and there is a verty short season when they can be harvested.
Jersey is home to the world famous Zoo, started by the naturalist Gerald Durrell, who used to live on another island, Corfu, and wrote books about his family and the animals he saw on Corfu and his adventiures around the world.
The Zoo is one of the main conservation centres in the world, especially gor gorillas and orang utans.

Vicky (from Athens)

I love, love, loved that book and I know I’ll love your potato peel pie! I going to give it a try for this
first college football weekend of the season. Go Dogs!
I really enjoy your favorite reads section...I’ve read so many great books that never would’ve
come to my attention had it not been for the suggestions of you and your readers.
Thanks so much!

Jan (Austin,TX)

We were there after the book came out so lots of souvenirs centered around the book. There is also a museum that paints the picture of the wartime and gives visitors the chance to talk with knowledgeable docents. The Hauteville House is uphill from the harbor and has a great view from the top floor. The house is really ornate - fun to imagine Hugo there! It’s a lovely little island. We flew to it from Southampton UK and stayed in a B&B. Think we were there about 4 nights. Whenever you go, bon voyage!

Gail L from AZ

I didn’t know there was a zoo! Last year I watched the new television drama “The Durrell’s in Corfu”. I had never heard of them before. Thank you for sharing!


Thanks for the shout-out Lynn! We almost went to Guernsey two years ago but, alas, opted for Provence once again! This last June we went to Isle of Wight (see my blog for a post) and absolutely fell in love with North House Cowes, a newish inn there. Magical! But next summer we're headed to Cornwall for the very first time. Oh my, all these places are such a beautiful part of the world!

Gail L from AZ

Thank you for sharing this information about Guernsey! I find it astonishing that the Germans even traveled to this small island to invade. What a horrible time that was. I recently watched the movie and was absolutely delighted by it. I will be reading the book! I just finished “The Woman in the Window” which was fabulous and I can’t wait for the next A.J. Finn creation. I am currently reaching “Master Thieves”. I appreciate the book recommendations so very much along with the rest of your lovely blog. :)

Suzanne Dunaway

I ADORE JEAN LUC BANNALEC and have read all, making me want to go NOW to Bretagne and eat lobster and scallops and oysters and see the enchanted forest and experience the wild and crazy Bretons with their love of lore and magic!!! All books are infectious, besides making one very, very hungry. Rillettes of scallops? Oh, boy...
LOVE the pie and will make one soon.
Off to get the Sacher book. Thank you.
I know you know Martin Walker's new one and all of his Perigord books.

Dick Trammell

Lynn... Really looking forward to trying this recipe! Planning to surprise Carolyn with it!

We'll miss y'all at the Cruising Club Luau next weekend. Hope you're enjoying your summer. The weather forced us to leave Slow Dance in Chesapeake, VA and take a break in our Chesapeake Bay cruise, but hoping to return and continue in September.

Jo Anne Marquardt

I just saw the movie on tv so enjoyed your article. The Pie looks delicious.


Lynn,what a yummy and creative recipe!!(And I'm with you on those crispy skins!)
Oh YES!YUM all the way around!! Thank you!!
Many of my relatives were living on Jersey during the war.Back then a distant cousin even later wrote a book about their experiences(believe it was titled Getting By).(our copy was lost in moldy storage and never was able to locate another.)When we visited Jersey(years ago) we "visited" some of them in the cemetary.My aunt made rubbings of their headstones.Jersey was such a charming place,filled with lovely people,and we regretted not having time to visit Guernsey as well.We were told it was just as delightful.
These book suggestions are terrific! I loved Wine and War(!) and am looking forward to Les Parisiennes!
One I have just started and can't put down, is The Masterpiece by Fiona Davis.Two women,many years apart,The Grand Central School of Art,and(bien sur),a masterpiece.

Christine Webb-Curtis

Your book recommendations are food for thought. I'm especially interested in the mysteries set in Brittany. Yummy.

Tom Berry

Upon your recommendation,I watched the film last evening and loved it! I have since added Guernsey as a destination to my bucket list. Thank you so much for bringing this to my attention.

I am finally making the move from the US to France in January (2019). I have bought a house in Montréal (d'Aude) 20 minutes from Carcassonne and an hour southeast of Toulouse. I can't wait to finally live out my dream of retirement in France!

Sue J.

Libby -- what is the link to that story? Thank you!

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