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Isn't this a Salade Nicoise sandwich?

I'm having lunch company on Monday and was planning to make S. Nic. BUT this sounds so good! On my porch. With rose. Whiling away the last of summer.

I love your blog...but you knew that.


MAMA LOVED The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Society and now she is into the French mystery writers, The Wine Detective series and the woman writer, M. L. Longworth plus any novel written about France before and during the war. Would love some new titles, as she has read so many but know there are more. Those sandwiches are found often in Nice.


I recently retired, which means I am suddenly faced with free time (a foreign concept to me), and reading your blog has been one of the activities I now have time to do. I can't tell you how much I enjoy it! I particularly like the way you share your readers' suggestions. I've already got my eye on one of Barney's apartments. Spending a year in France is on my bucket list! And I will definitely start listening to the News in Slow French.

As for The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society, I, too, just found out the movie's showing on Netflix. I've heard it's very well done, so I'm patiently waiting until I can watch it on my laptop.

Another book you might enjoy is A Gentleman in Moscow by Amor Towles. I read and listened to it on Kindle's whispersync feature. This was one of those books I took my time reading. I found it quite compelling.

Barbara Bottini

After you finish reading A Man Called Ove, try the movie. It is a very good and faithful rendition. Today's recipe for pickled veggies sounds too good to pass by. Think I'll try it. Thanks, Lynn


I recently discovered Jean-Luc Bannalec's mysteries set in Brittany. Very enjoyable.


Lynn,these sandwiches are heaven!And!Such wonderful fillings are perfect for beating these sweltering days.Especially the yummy French dressing!
Rod and I are so partial to boules;being that the old gray mare(guess who)is not what she used to be(far from it),too many times I have broken off the composite on my front tooth while trying to enjoy the crunchy crust.
This is the perfect solution.Thank you!
So many terrific book suggestions! I agree with Mindy about A Gentleman in Moscow!(Man Called Ove is next!).The one I just started is Hotel Sacher,by Rodica Doehnent(though not a recipe book,includes a recipe for Sacher Torte).I hesitate to mention a non fiction one,particularly because I was not much of a fan of Maria Shriver.Her I've Been Thinking is really quite good,filled with points to ponder and good ideas.I originally bought it to help a friend who owns a bookstore; she had a sign in her window to please buy a book.Turns out we both benefitted!

Libby Wilkie

An anecdote about The Guernsey Literary Society etc. book. We were having dinner at an airport hotel by Heathrow in June, before flight back to States the next morning, when we started talking to a Brit couple next to us. They were on way back to Guernsey from a cruise. They had been born and lived in Guernsey as had their parents and grandparents. They told us of his father and sister and parents being put on a boat to be evacuated to Scotland during the war. Somehow he (this man's father) forgot something and ran back up the hill to his grandparents house...they were not evacuated but chose to stay put on the island. Well, they boy stayed behind for the duration of the war. Of course, to him it was a grand adventure (except for always being hungry ...) But he never forgot the feeling of eating every last bite, and saving every scrap of whatever. Anyway, it's not often you meet someone who has a history like that!

Christine Webb-Curtis

My mother showed me how to pickle vegetables in much the same way as you, but I've not done it in years. Will be now, though.

I was heartbroken when "Potato Peel Society" ended and there were no more books. And I didn't realize there's a move happening. I, too, may re-read it. Thanks for the reminder.

Joan Gates

The Guernsey LS book was really charming! I served a potato peel pie for book club. Currently very popular in northern California is Educated. Lots of herbs and tinctures in it, but not so good for food. I'm finishing a Gentleman in Moscow--he loves good food and wine in the Hotel Metropole.

Colleen Taylor

You had me with the photo of all the breads! Now I'm starving for some of that bread, sandwich or no sandwich. I bet it's hotter here than there! Wonderful post.

Barbara Cheesman

Wine and War, by Don and Petie Kladstrup

Bonnie L

Barbara, I just finished reading Wine and War and agree it is well worth reading. Also, I recently read Ann Seba’s “Les Parisiennes” about the women of Paris under the Nazi occupation. It’s a book that will deepen your understanding of the French and how they suffered during the war. So many little time...

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