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Herm in Phoenix, AZ

Hi Lynn,

Great post!

I receive most of my news in French from some of the French sources you mention. It avoids the wall-to-wall politics we are getting locally. I have found that the sites that offer the option of English do not usually translate the French news, but give you the same topic from an English speaking news source.

I find the BBC and Le Figaro are good news source also.

Note : à la une is “on the front page” for the French sites.

Jane Williamson

The Connexion goes for outrageous headlines.
The latest edition says that all Brits will have a Carte de Sejour after Brexit.
Only in the last paragraph does it admit that this is in the event of there being no deal!

When I won my case against the French Health Authorities on behalf of all UK retirees living in France and getting their health cover via a form S1 from the Uk government, they went ahead explicitly against my wishes and published their own version.
They jumped the gun, probably to meet a publishing deadline, but what is more important, their deadline or getting the story accurate?

Barney Lehrer

Another good English daily newsletter is Languedoc Living In addition to some reports about local Occitanie, there is a daily summary of the French press. It's written and edited by a former BBC journalist.


Lynn,these are wonderful suggestions!(thank you!)I believe you had mentioned The Local in a post awhile back,and I have been enjoying it ever since--though I have to admit that both France and France Today absoultely
capture my imagination for both their articles and beautiful photographs.
I tried a paper subscription to Paris Match and also to L'Express with,unfortunately, less than terrific results.I don't know if they have fixed the problems yet,but I am now receiving both Paris Match and Presse on my cell.It is much more fun!
Also looking forward to these great book suggestions!
May I add two more?
Paris By The Book,by Liam Callanan(really good),and also The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society ,by Mary Ann Shaffer and Annie Barrows(this one is not newly in print--I just reread it for the second time!--and it still keeps me turning pages)


Hi Lynn,

At your suggestion, I read The Tuscan Child by Rhys Bowen, and I thoroughly enjoyed the story. Now I'm curious to read her other books. Thanks! And since I have family in Provence/Marseille, I will definitely be reading La Femme de Boulanger. We're Marcel Pagnol fans, but we mostly watch the films based on the books. The Fanny trilogy is a family favorite.

And I agree with Natalia. The Guernsey Literary and Potato Peel Pie Society is a wonderful book, and if you haven't read A Man Called Ove, the writing is spectacular in that one. ;-)


There's a site called News in Slow French ( They read the news relatively slowly while you follow along. It's fun.

Suzanne Dunaway

Lynn, Love this issue and love the news suggestions, all of which we do actually use and yes, they are au courant for sure but especially LOVED the names of the French towns! Hilarious. But then, again, Paris, Texas is sort of an interesting take on a cow town.

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