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What has made the difference is the election of Alain Juppé as a Maire.
Before his election Bordeaux was a sleeping beauty.
He decided to make it the decent town it had always deserved to be.
The TGV only came a bit more than a year ago. Making it more accessible to the Bobos parisiens who decided it could be a cool place to live.


You're absolutely right about Bordeaux. We were staying in St. Emilion a couple of years ago (well worth a visit too), and went on the train to Bordeaux for the day. Lovely city!

24/7 in France

Lovely photos - I was just in Bordeaux last weekend for the first time & found it to be a beautiful, vibrant city!

Julie Farrar

Adding it to my travel list. Brad and I trade off between cities with Michelin restaurants and fine wine for him and small villages with geraniums and cows for me. It's his turn next visit. However, I'm bummed to see that (in true French fashion) if I take the TGV from Dijon I have to pass through Paris AND change train stations. But it's still faster than driving. Can't get anywhere east or west in this country without going through Paris.

Natalia Radula

Lynn,thank you for this wonderful arm chair journey to Bordeaux(!!), complete with such wonderful pictures and suggestions!
We haven't been there in way over 40 years,and,like you,back then it really didn't light any fires in our imaginations.
I enjoyed learning(from Nicole) that Maire Alain Juppe was responsible for waking up such a sleeping beauty!

Anne Woodyard (@MusicandMarkets)

We, too, were awestruck to see the changes when we returned to Bordeaux after a decade or so - it's so pristine and user-friendly! Definitely a favorite of ours.

Christine Webb-Curtis

We haven't been for a while, but we may return next month as we're planning to spend time in the Dordogne. Thanks for the tip about parking because we would be arriving in a car. We might like to plan a little differently. I'm interested in the museum. My friend here in Sacramento visited last year and enjoyed it. The photos are impressive.

We've seen videos of Bordeaux on the river. When we were there the first time, the buildings along the banks were just beginning to be cleaned. Now they are sparkling.

Thanks, too, for all the restaurant recommendations.


Anne Daigle

I saw palm trees or Sago's in the pic. What is the climate?

Colleen Taylor

I've heard this before from someone but I can remember who told me. So great to know this Lynn. Lovely photos and I must check out the French bistro's and the hotel links you so generously mentioned.

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