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Christine Webb-Curtis


I wanted to look at the tickets in case we decide to go in the next week when we're in the area, but the choices are voluminous. What kind of a ticket did you buy that let you stay all day and brought you so much joy?


Bennett Gates

You can't fool me. I know Ron walked in and said, "I'll meet you in the tasting room."

Bennett Gates

You can't fool me. Ron walked in and said, "I'll meet you in the tasting room."

Colleen Taylor

Wow, what an incredible design and the main hall & the tasting room are mind blowing! Not to forget the massive room with the photos of the vineyards. I wish their website would show a few more photos. I could get lost in imagination there. Thanks for sharing this Lynn.


What a beautiful,impressive place!


I think we will go next summer sometime on our way to Brittany, our favorite place in the summer!


I too was pleasantly surprised at how that wild building could hold enough information on wine to keep me engaged for so long. Bordeaux has come a long way - but shhh let's keep it secret!

Suzanne Hurst

The "movie" that surrounds reminds me of the one at the Derby Museum in Louisville, KY. This one is a must see for horse lovers. I'd love to get to Burgundy! Thanks for sharing, Lynn!

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